How To Include More Fruits And Veggies In Your Diet

How To Include More Fruits And Veggies In Your Diet

Getting your daily dose of greens has never been easier.
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While most of us promise ourselves that we’ll include more fruits and veggies in our diet, we never really get to it, do we? Even after knowing the multiple health benefits of such food, our busy lives leave little room for proper meal prep or leisurely cooking.

But don’t worry, eating healthy doesn’t need to include major changes that turn your life upside down. Small habits can also make huge differences and we’ve got a few fun hacks that will have you consuming fruits and veggies in the most stress-free manner. 

Half your plate

The general rule of thumb is that half your plate should be filled with fruits and veggies at every meal or snack. Include the ones you love as well as the ones that are available locally in your area. This will ensure that you’re getting your dose of nutrients with every meal and you’ll feel so much better, putting healthier foods into your body.

Always stay stocked

Most of the time we skip on our vegetables and fruits because they’re not so easily available at home. While they may be easy to buy at the local supermarket, we skip on them or forget to stock them for future meals. Keep your pantry stocked with frozen or canned fruits and vegetables for quick meal preps. If you can, buy organic and fresh produce locally and add it to every meal possible.

Make vegetable soups

Soups are the easiest way you can consume multiple portions of vegetables in one bowl. The possibilities are endless. You can start with a veggie base by pureeing them and adding spices or boiling them in a broth to make a light and easy-to-digest soup that goes well with all meals. If you love one-pot dinners, try adding grains like quinoa, couscous or even brown rice to your soups for a nourishing meal.

Breakfast smoothies

Do you struggle with what to eat for breakfast every day? This can be a great opportunity for you to experiment with various types of breakfast smoothies that incorporate not only fruits but also veggies. The mix of sweet and sour can easily hide a load of greens that you would otherwise avoid. Simply mix the veggies and fruits of your choice with any plant-based milk, ice, or water and blend away. Not only are they highly nutritious, smoothies are also high in fiber and vitamins that are great for you first thing in the morning.

Grab & Go

Having fruits and easy-to-eat veggies in easy to reach places in the house can have you grabbing an apple or a banana on the go. By keeping them in visible areas, you increase your chances of grabbing a fruit daily, making it easy to access but also a general reminder that you need to up your green intake for the day. And it’s a win-win if you ask us. Especially for those unnecessary hunger pangs, you may experience during the day. A fruit close by can have you skipping on the junk and opting for a healthier option.

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