Easy Ways To Save Money In Your Daily Life

Easy Ways To Save Money In Your Daily Life

See how some simple yet significant steps can help you save money.
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Want to save but don’t know how? These practical tips will help you save some bucks while making sure you don’t miss out on buying things you love!

Chalk out a money plan
Make a realistic budget
Make a realistic budget and stick to it | Image: File Image

Maintain a diary and document everything in it. Put it down before making a plan. Assess your budget and jot down the categories you would have to spend on. Make a weekly or monthly savings goal. Evaluate your needs versus your wants and put down the amounts against your needs. This will help you stick to your budget.

Cancel that cable subscription

Do you really need that cable connection or a set-top box? How much time do you spend watching television? Or, do you prefer the OTT platforms and spend time watching all the latest shows on them? Assess the use of OTT platforms versus cable and make an informed decision. Cancel that cable subscription if you don’t need it and save money.

Choose public transport
Ditch the car opt for public transport
Ditch the car opt for public transport | Image: File Image

This might seem cliché but trust us, taking the public transport over private cabs is far cheaper. It will help you add to your monthly savings. Alternatively, go for carpool or choose an eco-friendly mode such as walking or a bicycle. Apart from saving money, it will also help the environment.

Turn to DIY guides

That fortnightly visit to the salon or spa can turn out to be very expensive. Instead, you can easily turn your home into a salon for all your beauty treatments. With so many do-it-yourself tutorials available on the internet it’s quite easy to do facials, manicures, pedicures at homes.

Clear your wardrobe
Re-arrange and clean your wardrobe
Re-arrange and clean your wardrobe | Image: File Image

It’s not only therapeutic, you will also be able to assess what your need to keep and what needs to be chucked. Simply clear your cupboard of the unwanted items and sell these online or at garage sales. Adopt minimalism and see your savings rise steadily.

Be a conscientious shopper

So many sales almost throughout the year can be tempting, but still they are expensive. For instance, analyse if you really need to buy that pretty dress. Also, shop from garage sales or thrift stores. While shopping online give yourself 48 hours before clicking on the ‘buy’ button. Indulge in mindful spending; delay gratification.

Personalise your gifts
Make a personalised heartfelt gift
Make a personalised heartfelt gift | Image: File Image

While celebrations are always welcome, the gifts can add up to expenses. The next time, think of a handwritten note, local handicrafts, or bake a cake yourself when gifting someone. These are more personal and also cost effective than expensive gifts from fancy stores.

Look for quality, not quantity

Many times, spending on quality products is a wise decision. They last longer making them cost effective in the long run. This is true for everything, from clothes, to gadgets to even food. You might want to pick the inexpensive version of a product. But many times, choosing quality is better. Buy the best quality product you can afford, which will help you save in the long term.

Conserve electricity and save
Switch off appliances when not required
Switch off appliances when not required | Image: File Image

Switch to LED or CFL lights if not done yet. They are not only energy savers but help on saving electricity bills too. These lights require less voltage hence you save money. Also, unplug any appliances when not in use. When on ‘phantom charge’, which means always plugged in, these continue drawing electricity in small measure. This also results in upping your electricity bill.

Get rid of credit cards

Do away with the credit card/s if possible. These only tempt you to shop for unwanted items adding to your expenses. If you still need to have them, limit it to one or two only cards and use only when absolutely necessary. Also, prioritise and make those credit card payments at the earliest.    

Have an attitude of gratitude

Most times a change in attitude helps. Be grateful for what you have at present and refrain from complaining about money. It may seem surprising, but an attitudinal shift always helps manifest more. Most importantly, it also helps you cut down on expenses and thus save more.

Remember, a drop every day makes an ocean, so don’t compete with the celebrities. Put your blinders on and adopt the above measures that will help you save on a daily basis.

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