Why Do Certain Colours Make Us Happy?

Why Do Certain Colours Make Us Happy?

The colourful rainbow is only one example of how some colours can make us cheerier.
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Some colours just make your eyes pop. They can draw your attention easily, and you just feel warm and happy. Looking at a painting, making one, the colour of a wall or car, the hues in clothes and even our home décor. Colours are all around us. While some just feel drab, others make us feel lively. Which brings us to the question, how can colours do this? Is there more to it than just impacting our moods?

Let’s find out.

What is colour therapy?
Colours have a way to make us happy | Image: File Image

Also known as chromotherapy, colour therapy is based on the idea that colour and coloured lights can help treat physical or mental health. According to this idea, they cause subtle changes in our moods and biology.

It has a long history. Records show that colour and light therapy were once practised in ancient India, Egypt, Greece, and China.

And today, colour therapy is largely used as an alternative medicine therapy.

What is the science behind it?

Although the research is pretty limited, there’s some evidence to back up the idea that coloured lights can have effects on our bodies, our pain levels, and our moods.
Colours are reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate. Our brain interprets these wavelengths, which ultimately makes our perception of colour as a physical and sensory experience. These colours create an electrical impulse in our brain, which stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our body. These processes either stimulate or calm us.

How is colour therapy done?

The therapy is done by shining an appropriate colour on a particular area of the body. It is also practised by looking at a particular colour and is performed with utmost care so that there is no strain on the eyes.

Different colours have different results

The colour/s used in colour therapy will target the ailment that you’re trying to cure. Each charka in our body represents something. Seven chakras call for seven colours, each with its own benefits.


The root chakra is represented by red colour, and it has to do with our connection with the Earth.


The colour of sacral chakra | Image: File Image

The sacral chakra, located below the navel regulates our kidneys, reproductive health, and adrenals.


The solar plex chakra maintains the wellbeing of the liver, pancreas, digestive system, and gallbladder.


It represents the heart chakra, which is associated with the heart, lungs, energy levels, mental focus, and immune system.


This colour is associated with thyroid, metabolism, and invokes calmness in the mind and body.


The third eye chakra located between the eyebrows influences our sleep cycle, clarity, wisdom, and self-esteem.


The crown chakra is associated with dreams, spirituality, sleep cycles, and clarity.

Can you practice it on your own?

Yes! You can add colour to your life by doing these small things to boost your mood.

Colour Correct

Keep your gadgets on auto-brightness mode during the day, and on night-mode at night. Ultra-bright white screens are bad for you. You can also opt for anti-blue light glasses that protect from light emitted by your computer, smartphone, tablet, and TV screens.

Night-time light
Dim lights help us relax | Image: File Image

Switch to mood lighting or warmer colours in the living room after sunset. You can also use only lamps or dim lights. These allow your body to relax.

Take outdoor breaks

You also need some natural lighting to stay alert and feel refreshed. Take a walk outside whenever you’re free. Interacting with green plants may also ease stress.

Choose your décor wisely

Add a hint of colour to your home by bringing in quirky home accessories. Either that, or you can paint a wall with the colour that speaks to you. Relaxing colours are great for the bathroom and bedroom, whereas, vibrant colours can be incorporated in the kitchen and living room.

Allow the colours to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh you!

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