Meditative Art: A Calmer Mind With This Indian Fluid Artist

Meditative Art: A Calmer Mind With This Indian Fluid Artist

Sakshi Lunkad is a leading fluid artist who has been helping people re-discover the joy of art with her workshops.
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Art is always a sheer pleasure to the eyes. The soothing colours paint the canvas to tell a story. While the world is well-versed with contemporary art and its therapeutic benefits, Sakshi Lunkad is one of those people who take it up a notch, with fluid art.

Fluid art seriously lacks any shape, character, or landscape, and hence any inhibitions. It’s just you playing with colours, swirling and turning the canvas to create something beautiful. The best part is, you never know how the final painting will turn out. Fluid art also helps you to loosen up, go with the flow, and not worry about the outcome.

Sakshi Lunkad

The whole act feels like therapy. A really calming one. And Sakshi Lunkad tells us how.

1.What does art mean to you?

To me, art is about breaking the traditional stereotypes associated with it. I believe art does not judge a person, by her/his age or gender. Art comes naturally to one and all. I strongly believe that art is for everyone, and everyone must indulge in it. It is like taking a rejuvenating break and detaching yourself from the present. Art is pure indulgence and therapy.

2.When and how did your journey with fluid art begin?

I flew to New York in 2017 to pursue my master’s in interior design however I changed my mind and joined the prestigious Art Student League. Shortly after returning to India, I became curious to find out how one could practise art by eliminating tools like brushes, pens, and knives. During my tryst, I discovered fluid art! To me, fluid art is an art technique that is super easy & free-flowing. Fluid art found me before I could find it!

3.How does it feel when you hold the colours and stand in front of a blank canvas?

I would like all of us to backtrack our life to March 2020 when the lockdown was announced. Suddenly, why did we start practising hobbies that we had never picked up after our childhood? The answer is very simple, these are expressive and indulgent activities that culminate from within and help individuals release serotonin that invariably relaxes him/her like never before. Imagine how refreshing it feels for you to practise your hobbies?

Every single time I stand in front of a blank canvas it feels like I have teleported to my happy childhood days. A blank canvas literally reminds me of the phrase, “The world is your oyster, anything can happen from here on!” A blank canvas gives me hope, motivation and pushes me to unleash the unexplored creative side of my life. It is my first step that leads me towards a therapy that involves colours and emotions.

4.Does fluid art land you in a meditative state? How does the whole process feel?

I believe that art has the power to heal. Fluid art is very therapeutic. Many people have felt extremely relaxed, free from all their past baggage and burden towards the end of the workshop. The process of aligning your mind-body-soul with colours helps your conscious mind in connecting with the subconscious mind. This alignment is known as meditation and any form of art can be meditative if practised with complete focus.

Fluid art is often used by professionals as a meditative tool for therapy as it encompasses just two materials, paints and canvas. It eliminates distractions. It’s a very powerful medium that is used by experts during art therapy. If practised consistently, patients suffering from anxiety have healed. The use of colours, shapes and the flow of your paint can be extremely relaxing for the mind, body, and soul.

5.What is something that you like the most about fluid art?

I feel very happy to see how fluid art is breaking the traditional stereotype related to art where it was confined to a particular gender and age group. I feel proud to see how my fluid art workshops have been practised by children from the age of 5 to adults who are above 60 years.

It is an art form that makes everyone happy because they are successful in accomplishing something at the end of the workshop. There is nothing right or wrong in what they have created. It is merely an experience coupled with real-time emotions that are expressed on their canvas.

6.What makes your workshops special, what all do you do?

I had a single-track vision while launching Sakshi Lunkad Art which was to make art accessible to everyone. After endless experimentations, I was convinced to launch workshops and introduce the DIY (do-it-yourself) art kits that could help people in making artworks.

My workshops make people self-reliant to practise resin and fluid art. We curate theme-based workshops around festivals, birthdays, and celebrations to offer unique experiences. The process is simple but requires a lot of attention and training.

The workshops are very fulfilling as every participant does have something of his own to take back at the end. We inculcate a new hobby in people which balances their equilibrium in this fast-paced life.

8.Tell us about your care packages.

I had piled up more than 200 empty canvases at home. I realised there was no homegrown art brand in the market that offered DIY art care packages that encompass all the materials.

To bridge this gap, SLA became one of the first homegrown brands to supply DIY Art Care packages. Soon after that, people started inquiring and checking on the availability of the kits.

I started retailing it to them by using a newly launched courier service that would instantly drop the courier on the doorstep.

9.What next? Where are you headed?

I want to create a platform that makes art very approachable for all age groups. On my platform art will be given a lot of importance. In India, art is extremely diverse. The goal is to make it accessible, respected and change the perspective of the society towards art. My platform will be of such a nature where it is approachable for artists and educative for art enthusiasts.

You can check out Sakshi Lunkad’s work here.

Are you ready to try out this new ‘meditative’ art form?

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