Flowers Of The Month: Sweet Pea And Daisy

Flowers Of The Month: Sweet Pea And Daisy

Find out what your birth flower of the month means. Read on to know more!
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The month of April is the beginning of spring when all the flowers are set to bloom and it’s a sight to see. This is why it is believed that the month’s name is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite.  

Two flowers signify the month, the daisy and sweet pea. The daisy is a symbol of love, loyalty, innocence and purity. The daisy is also known as the “friendliest flower.”  The daisy is commonly gifted to new mothers and also symbolizes chastity and transformation. The meaning is derived from the story of Vertumnus, the God of seasons who fell in love with a nymph, Belides. He ruthlessly pursued her to the point where she decided to turn herself into a daisy in order to escape his advances. The daisy’s latin name “Bellis” is derived from Belides. It is also believed that the daisy is derived from the old English saying, ‘day’s eye’ because the daisy closes at night opens in the morning in the first hint of sunlight.  

The sweet pea is a relatively new flower and was very popular in the Victorian era. They have a sweet fragrance and are known to make your house smell like spring! Because of its lush bright, blossoms, the sweet pea is associated with greetings and common kindnesses. They make great gifts for farewell and even greeting people. The beginning of a new life, in the incoming of spring, and the blossoming of flowers and flowers into fruits are all signified by the sweet pea. In France, there’s a tradition that sweet pea is a positive omen for brides on their wedding day.  

April is going to be a month full of colours, and these flowers will be on top of them! 

William Wordsworth was a poet born in the month of April and his snippet does justice to describe this month.

“I wandered lonely as a cloud 

That floats on high o’er vales and hills, 

When all at once I saw a crowd, 

A host, of golden daffodils; 

Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.” 

Don’t forget to send your loved ones a few daisies and sweet peas! 

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