What Is White Noise And Why Is It So Impactful?

What Is White Noise And Why Is It So Impactful?

White noise can sharpen your memory, improve focus, calm you down and help you sleep better!
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Ever felt like blocking out all the distracting sounds around you with music while working on something important? Or while sleeping? But even the music that you’re listening to becomes distracting after a while, either because of the lyrics or the instruments. What can you do when this happens? Well the best alternative is to listen to white music or white noise.  

What is white noise? 

Simply defined, white noise is created by combining different frequencies of sounds with equal intensities. The name white noise comes from the analogy of white light which is a representation of spectrum of colours. Similarly, white music is a combination of different sounds. 

White noise is either created digitally or by using what is called the white noise machine.  

What white noise do?  

White noise masks other sounds since it contains different frequencies. Imagine you’re in a silent room, working and a loud truck passes by, or there’s some commotion at the neighbour’s house, it is bound to disturb you. But if you’re listening to white music all these other sounds just add up to it and you won’t even notice all that.   

When to use white noise? 

There are many applications where you can use white noise but it’s especially helpful for the following.

At work: 

One of the biggest issues that employees face is the work environment noise. Colleagues having conversations, constant pings of emails and messages, the copier running, and much more. All of this knowingly or unknowingly effects our productivity. Using a headphone to listen to white music while working will help you block out all these unwanted disturbances and help you focus and create a calm environment to help you do your work better. 

For studying: 

Not only workers but students also face similar obstructions while studying. Whether they’re doing it at home or in the library. Listening to white music always helps. It cancels out the continuous buzz in the background and increases focus and concentration. It also helps them to become more alert, creative and innovative.  

To aid better sleep: 

Many of us face problems to wind down at the end of the day. And lack of sleep is proven to have negative impact on our health and productivity. White noise helps you clear out all the thoughts that are disturbing you and helps you relax before sleep. It is especially helpful for all the light sleepers out there as it cuts out all the external noise that may disturb your sleep.  

While meditating: 

White noise can be used while meditating for the same reasons at it can be used for sleeping. Listening to white music fulfils the need of audio sensory input while to take time to wind down and relax. Using white noise while meditating helps boost concentration and lengthen attention span.  

For babies: 

In the womb the babies are used to listening to many filtered sound vibrations, which they miss and crave after they’re born. White noise gives them a familiar calming feeling which helps them relax and calm down. It also helps them to get used to the newer noises of the surrounding.  

For people who have ADD, ADHD or Tinnitus: 

People who have ADD and ADHD already find it difficult to adjust and focus on their tasks; add all the distracting noises from the surrounding and it just becomes very difficult for them to get through their daily tasks. Listening to white music increases their concentration by blocking out unnecessary disturbances.  

Tinnitus is a condition where people hear a ringing or buzzing sound. This is especially noticeable when there is silence in the surrounding. White noise helps cancel out the noise coming from tinnitus thus minimising its impact.  

While travelling: 

Try listening to white noise next time when you’re boarding a flight instead of ear plugs to control the buzzing the air pressure causes. Many of you might find it difficult to sleep while on the go due to the obvious noises of the surrounding. White noise will help you cancel it out and help you get a better travel experience.  

So, next time when you feel like your surrounding is too disturbing, just plug in your earphones and listen to white noise!  

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