7 Flowers That Inspire Us To Stay Happy

7 Flowers That Inspire Us To Stay Happy

Draw inspiration from these seven flowers to stay happy, always.
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The sight of colourful flowers is always welcome. Looking at these beauties is always uplifting and makes us happy. We pick seven beautiful flowers that we can draw inspiration from, to stay happy always.

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossoms
Keep the hope alive with Cherry Blossoms| Image: File Image

These white and light pink flowers bloom in the spring season and are considered a symbol of hope. They are in full bloom in March and early April. Japan is well-known for these flowers and also hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival each year. However, you can also witness them in Shillong in November.

Imbibe the humility and purity of the Lily | Image: File Image

This pretty flower blooms in early summer, which is mid-August, and represents devotion, humility and purity. The dainty and beautiful lily comes in many colours such as white, light pink, yellow orange, and red. The colours and the fragrance inspire us to be humble and remain pure.

Stay calm with Frangipani | Image: File Image

Popularly known as Champa, this is a tropical flower and blooms throughout summer. It symbolises positivity and the fragrance has a calming effect. The shrubs or small tress of Frangipani make the environment pure. This flower comes in white, pink, yellow, orange, lilac, purple, and red colours.

Express deep love with the Tulip | Image: File Image

This flower is a symbol of deep love and comes in over 150 varieties. It comes in white, pink, yellow, and red colours. Generally blooming from early to late spring, it has a strong aromatic scent but can have a sweet fragrance too. After blooming, it lasts for around 1-2 weeks in lower temperatures, which is about 7 degrees Celsius. In warm weather, which is about 20 degrees Celsius, it lasts only for a few days.

Be resilient and stay together like Marigold | Image: File Image

The yellow-orange coloured marigold blooms in late spring and continues till autumn. It represents the beautiful and warm sunrays. The petals of this flower are almost conjoined denoting the trait of a good leader. Its fragrance that continues to emanate even after it wilts, teaches us to be strong in the face of troubles.

Take the spiritual path like the Lotus | Image: File Image

The beautiful lotus may grow in mud but is known to represent spirituality and enlightenment. This is also one of the purest flowers. It also shows us to stay positive no matter what we go through in life. The pleasantly fragrant lotus is white and pink in colour and grows in spring through summer.

Stay strong amidst troubles like the Rose | Image: File Image

This much-loved flower blooms through mid-spring to autumn and comes in a number of varieties. Though each colour of the rose represents a particular emotion, it stands strong and beautiful with the thorns showing us how to stay happy always. Its captivating scent is considered the most powerful one as well.

All these colourful beauties symbolise some attribute and though their life is short, they spread joy with their appearance and fragrance. A great quality to imbibe in our lives.

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