Tips On Increasing Productivity

Tips On Increasing Productivity

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People are always starting new ventures and experimenting with various possibilities, but nothing in life comes easy. Hard work and planning is vital for increasing productivity.

1. Priotise

This is the first step for a productive life because it minimizes stress.

2. Tackle The Challenging Tasks First

Energy levels deplete as the day progresses hence, it is best to start the day with the toughest task when you are more vibrant.

3. Shorten The Deadlines

Shorter deadlines are psychologically easier to meet enabling progress.

4. Work-Rest Cycles

Parkinson’s law states, ‘work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.’ The most productive work is achieved in the first few hours before routine sets. After that, the work should continue with a five to ten-minute rest, every twenty-five minutes. This ensures active participation and does not make work a burden.

5. Motivation 

Most corporations encourage managers to motivate their staff and team, as a group and as individuals. Motivation is important for better results and leading a positive life.

6. De-Clutter Work Space

Our surroundings have a big impact on our psyche. A messy work-space leads to a stressful mind hence, regularly de-cluttering is essential.

7. Single-Tasking

Multi-tasking is not for everyone and switching between tasks is not easy, and often not possible either.

Website Blocking Tools 

The human mind is easily distracted. Website blocking is a useful way to focus on work and get the best result.


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