5 Colours That Will Bring You Peace And Positivity

5 Colours That Will Bring You Peace And Positivity

Every colour speaks volumes, are you listening?
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Believe it or not, colours have the power to change your mood and your energy. Just looking at some colours can energise you, while some will have a calming effect on you. Here is a list of colours that are so soothing to your eyes that a wave of ‘cool’ will hit you instantly.


The blissful blue | Image: File Image

Blue has tremendous power to manage stress and calm a busy mind. It slows down your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and reduces anxiety. It is believed to have an astringent effect. Choosing the right shade of blue for your bedroom wall leaves a calming effect and will also help you sleep better.


The grandeur of green | Image: File Image

It lets out a very earthy and natural feeling, because it symbolises nature. The lighter shades of green are very comforting. Wearing this colour keeps you calm and refreshed. The most stress-reducing shades in the green family are beige greens and pale-yellow greens.


The pretty pink | Image: File Image

Feng Shui strongly advocates that hues of pink can soothe various negative energies as well as keep them understated. This colour creates harmony and balance in your thoughts. Although, pink is instinctively looked up on as a feminine colour, the right shade of pink promotes tranquility and peace.


The wondrous white | Image: File Image

How can we not talk about the colour white when we talk about peace and calm? It’s the flagbearer of peace. It symbolises clarity and freshness in thoughts and being surrounded by white really helps calm you down, making it ideal for pregnant women. However, the catch is to get the right hue of white. If you go dull, it might be a bit of a downer; and if it is too bright, it might actually stress you out. Stick to the warmer, creamy versions.


The youthful yellow | Image: File Image

Despite being a warm colour, yellow is a very stimulating and positive colour. Just laying your eyes on it energises you. Keep something yellow at home or at your workplace. Why? Because research suggests that it makes you more active and conscious. So, if you want your mind to run a mile in a minute while also staying calm, then yellow is your colour.

So, colour on for a great day.

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