7 Daily Habits To Avoid Osteoporosis

7 Daily Habits To Avoid Osteoporosis

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We tend to ignore our health during our youth. This is probably the biggest mistake we can make. It is true that there are effects of aging on bones, however, it’s a mere myth that they pertain only to old age. Bones need to be taken care of even at a young age. There are various things that lead to bone related problems like osteoporosis. If ignored at an early age, we will face its dire consequences later. Osteoporosis, one of the most common of bone diseases, makes the bone weak, fragile and prone to injury.

Here are a few simple day-to-day habits that can reverse the effects of aging on bones and help avoid osteoporosis:

Lack of Sunlight: 

It is a well-known fact that sunlight is absolutely essential for our bones. Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D, which protects our bones and helps them to absorb calcium. According to the American National Osteoporosis Foundation, adults under and above 50 years of age need 400-800 and 500-1000 IU of Vitamin D respectively.

effects of aging on bones
The decaying bones | Image: File Image
Lack of activity/exercise:

It is a universal fact, that the more you move and remain active, the stronger your bones will become. Exercising strengthens both your muscles and bones. In order to build strong bones, you must move your feet, run, walk whenever you can, dance and avoid being lethargic.


Several studies have shown that smoking can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Smoking affects the activity of osteoplasts (cells which build new bones) and osteoclasts (cells which resorb), which in turn makes the bone weak.

Alcohol and Soda:

Just like smoking, alcohol and soda may also make your bones weak. Consumption of excessive alcohol affects the production of hormones necessary for the bone and absorption of calcium. Drinking too much carbonated beverages also reduces bone density.

Imbalanced/Unhealthy Diet:

Calcium is very essential for strong and dense bones. It is very important that we consume calcium in our every food on a regular basis. If our diet is not balanced well, it may cause nutrient deficiency. In order to keep the bones strong, it is pertinent to have a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Weight loss:

It is important to maintain a healthy body weight. Losing too much weight is also harmful. The BMI of less than 18.5 can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Sleep problem:

Most of us in our hectic lives ignore our sleep and the problems associated with it. What we don’t realize is that it has a major impact on our health. Studies have established a link between sleep apnea and bone problems. One must therefore ensure that one gets adequate amount of sleep.

If we take care of these issues in our younger age, there are higher chances of avoiding such bone problems at a later stage.

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