How To Avoid These 10 Energy Draining Habits Pulling You Down

How To Avoid These 10 Energy Draining Habits Pulling You Down

Are you tired all the time? We've put together a list of 10 energy draining habits that could be sucking the juice out of you.
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We can all relate to the feeling of being fully exhausted. We’ve all experienced fatigue, whether it was brought on by a hard day at work, running after children, or just general life stress. It can be tough to enjoy life when you’re exhausted and run down, and it can even be harmful to your health. Without even realising it, we indulge in energy draining habits that end up holding us back.

This sense of exhaustion are a result of certain practises. If you frequently feel exhausted, it may be time to examine your habits to determine which ones are draining your energy. 

10 Energy Draining Habits That Could Be Dragging You Down

1. Getting Insufficient Sleep 

Although it might seem obvious, a lot of people fail to get enough sleep. Adults require 7-8 hours of sleep each night, yet many people only get a fraction of that. This may result in daytime fatigue and a weakened immune system. Numerous health issues, such as diabetes, being obese, and heart disease, have been linked in studies to sleep deprivation. 

2. Not Working Out 

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Exercise is crucial for good health in general, however it is additionally a fantastic method to boost energy. Exercise in moderation can help you sleep better, be more aware throughout the day, and have more energy. If you don’t exercise frequently, start by incorporating a few easy activities into your daily schedule. Some suggestions are:

  • A stroll over your lunch break.
  • Using a bicycle to complete chores. 
  • Performing some simple at-home bodyweight exercises. 

3. Becoming Dehydrated 

It’s crucial that you make sure that you consume enough water during the day because dehydration can lead to weariness. The suggested daily intake is eight glasses, however this might change depending on a number of things, such as activity level, environment, size of the body, and more. So drink water before you feel thirsty to be safe. 

4. Living In An Overcrowded Space 

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It can be exhausting and frustrating to live and work in a chaotic and disorganised environment. In a cluttered environment, it can be difficult to concentrate or decompress. Cleaning up your house and office area may help you feel more energised. 

5. Surrounding Oneself With Doubters 

Your emotional energy can be greatly influenced by the people you spend time with. It might be tiring to be surrounded by pessimists all the time. On the other hand, hanging around positive individuals can be energising and uplifted. 

6. Not Stopping To Rest 

It’s simple to burn out when you’re working or rushing around all the time. Throughout the day, it’s crucial to take breaks to relax and rejuvenate. This can entail spending some alone time unwinding, taking a stroll outside, or enjoying some music. 

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7. Not Pursuing Your Passions 

Your energy will be sapped if you don’t pursue your passions. However, becoming excellent at what you do, studying your craft, and excelling at it are also necessary. After all, if you don’t know how to do something properly, you can’t feel good about it. Both creativity and the pursuit of knowledge are potent energising forces. 

8. Upholding The Past 

Even from the past, negativity can occasionally snatch your energy away. The only person you harm is yourself when you obsess over the past or harbour resentments. Nobody wins when you carry resentment all the time. 

9. Projecting Negative Emotions 

Your energy will undoubtedly go if you think and speak more negatively than positively. This is due to the fact that negativity and complaining drain everyone’s spirit, including your own. You essentially join the issue rather than helping to solve it. And it specifically includes being critical of yourself and being negative. 

10. Not Being Appreciated 

Although it might seem like one among the smallest bad habits to break, practising appreciation can significantly increase your happiness. And declining joy indicates declining vigour. But keep in mind that practising appreciation involves both feeling it internally and publicly. 

As you work to change, be kind to yourself and give yourself a little room to grow. Be kind to yourself and always acknowledge each little success along the way. You’ll soon feel more energised and equipped to handle everything that comes your way. 

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