7 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your House Clean In Under 5 Minutes

7 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your House Clean In Under 5 Minutes

Impress your guests when they arrive at your home.
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With the holiday season being full of cheer and joy and a time for entertaining, we all want our homes to look welcoming and warm when our friends and family arrive. Hosting get-togethers comes with a lot of fun and to make keeping your house clean easier for you, use our simple cleaning hacks in the days leading up to your guest’s arrival for an immaculate home.  

Eliminate last-minute holiday cleaning chaos by dividing up your tasks into manageable segments. Prioritize the chores you need to accomplish first to achieve a tidier home well before your guests arrive. It’s never fun to have cardboard boxes strewn about, dirty clothes on the floor, dishes that have been lying in the sink long enough to become a home to multi-cell organisms, etc.  

We all wish to magically manifest a clean house, but it’s the actual cleaning that seems completely overwhelming at times. The best way to get over this hurdle: commit to just 5 minutes. Set a timer, and stop cleaning when it goes off. Break down the chaos into manageable chunks.  

5 Minute Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know  

1. Declutter – Remove Everything That Doesn’t Belong  

Tidy up a room in less than 5 minutes by doing just the basics. Pick up everything that doesn’t belong or seems out of place in the room being cleaned. Store it all in a basket or box to sort through when you have more time later. Grab a spray bottle of cleaner and a rag to quickly wipe down on any visible smudge marks.  


TRM Recommends: Use ¾ cup of white vinegar with 4 cups of water. Add a few drops of any essential oil to it and make your own cleaning solution that does the job and smells great as well! One of the best cleaning hacks, this will save you money and time.

2. Easily Dust Your Fans – Without Making A Bigger Mess 

If you’re not cleaning your fans regularly, chances are the blades are full of dust and dirt. To clean them without making a big mess, try out our trick. Grab a stool and a pillow case, and place one of the blades entirely in it. Gather it at the base and slide your hands up and down from end to end, keeping all the dust inside the pillow case. Repeat for the rest of the blades.  

3. Get A Washable Rug  

Washable rugs are all the rage these days. If you have kids, a pet, or are just a clumsy person in general, these are about to be your new BFF. Instead of having to go through the whole rigmarole of spot cleaning and steaming, simply toss your rug into the washing machine.  


4. Spruce Your Surroundings  

Vacuum your couch, fluff the pillows, fold any blankets. Just these 3 simple steps can transform the appearance of your living room and make it feel clean and organized. If you want to be a little extra, feel free to spray a deodorizer in the end. 

5. Keep Your Bathroom Tiles Clean  

This easy hack will ensure that your bathroom always looks clean and spotless. Keeping a soap dispenser filled with soap and vinegar in the shower area will make it easy and convenient to get rid of any grime or dirt collecting in your floor or walls.  

6. Change Your Sheets With Ease  

The cold and gloomy weather during the winter months calls for warm, toasty sheets for your guests. Putting on duvet covers can be mundane and exhausting, which is probably why your bed looks messy. Make this task easy by tying the corner of the duvet to the cover from the inside. Sun your sheets before you put them on to keep them from getting musty.  

7. Better – Not Perfect 

Cleaning doesn’t need to be miserable. Remember, the goal is to make things cleaner, and tidier, not perfect. Let go of trying to achieve last minute perfection. Enjoy your time with your friends and your family. Here’s a reminder: if making memories also makes an unintentional mess, it’s totally worth it! 

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