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Hair Dye Linked To A Risk Of Cancer?

Hair Dye Linked To A Risk Of Cancer?

Hair Dye Linked To A Risk Of Cancer?

When you look around in a crowd, almost every third person has coloured hair, true? Some do it for a funkier look, and some just to cover their greys! Not to mention, we love experimenting with our hair, and in that process, we often don’t pay heed to the chemicals we put in our scalps. Thinking, how bad can it get? Truth be told, hair dye poisoning through scalp is a real thing, and here is everything you need to know about it –

Hair Dye Poisoning Through Scalp Is Caused Because Of:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – alters hair structure making it brittle
  • Ammonia – causes irritation to the eyes and skin and can also lead to difficulties in breathing
  • Parabens – is known to cause unknown growth of cells and tissues. It may lead to cancer
hair dye poisoning through scalp
A coat of chemicals | Image: File Image

It is pertinent to know that hair dyes, even the globally renowned ones contain some sort of chemical. These have adverse effects on our health and should be used as less as possible. Anyhow, mother nature has answers to all our problems, hair dye included! We can use ‘henna’ or ‘mehendi’ to cover greys. It nourishes the hair along with adding colour to them!

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Think Right Tips:

  • Reduce the frequency of application
  • Educate people around you about the harmful effect of dyes
  • Use hair-friendly natural products. These will provide you with the colour and make your hair healthy and strong
  • Last but not least, age gracefully. Embrace your natural self and avoid chemical-based hair dyes!

It is good to experiment with new things in life. But remember, this should not happen at the cost of your well-being. We should feed good to our hair and scalp and not fall prey to the web of chemical-loaded hair dyes. Choose natural, choose safe!

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