Did You Know This Drink Is Healthier Than Green Tea?

Did You Know This Drink Is Healthier Than Green Tea?

Loaded with benefits and many nutrients, green coffee is a very under-rated drink.
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Sipping on a hot beverage on a cool winter evening is classic, isn’t it? While we mostly reach out to cult favourites like hot chocolate or a cappuccino, here’s why you should give green coffee a try this year!

Weight Loss Supplement
Similar to green tea, green coffee too lends its special aid in weight loss. The chlorogenic acid in them acts as an antioxidant that helps you shed those extra kilos.

Green coffee beans | Image: File Image

Reduces Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
Various research suggests that having green coffee for up to 12 weeks can help you maintain your blood pressure and lower your blood sugar levels. It is also found to be preventive against type 2 diabetes.

Slows Down the Aging Process
Since green coffee is packed with antioxidants and volatile materials, it helps maintain healthy skin and greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Boosts Your Focus and Mood
The amino acid in green coffee alters the attention networks in the brain which helps you relax, and better focus on tasks. It also causes a dip in cortisol (a stress hormone) and helps you de-stress.


How is the taste?

There’s an underlying flavour of coffee, and it can be consumed both warm and cold.

What exactly is green coffee?
Green coffee is simply our regular coffee, only not roasted and completely raw.

When should you consume it?
The best time to have green coffee is post meals.

Green coffee brands in India?
Green Brrew

Make this healthy switch today!

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