Greed Is The Blindfold That Blocks Your Mind!

Greed Is The Blindfold That Blocks Your Mind!

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A Short Story On Greed:

Once in a faraway place; tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It was the small village of Devgiri. It was a peaceful village, and everyone was friendly and nice to each other. There was a farmer named Haridutt, who lived there with his wife and a son. He was very hard working. Despite working so hard, his farm’s produce was not enough to make him rich.

It was a hot summer afternoon, and Haridutt was busy working on his field. The sun was shining in its full might, and he could not bear the heat. So, he decided to get some rest and nap under a nearby tree. Just beside the tree, there was an anthill. Just when he was about to sleep, he saw a cobra emerge from that anthill with its hood right up! Haridutt got scared at first but then thought that the cobra might be the deity of his farm. He thought that if he made offerings to the cobra, he would bless his farm with rich produce.

short story on greed
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He ran back to his hut, and returned with a plate of milk, and said “Forgive me O protector of my farm! Please forgive me and accept my offering”. As was the tradition, he offered the milk and went back home. The next day, when he came back, there was a gold coin on the plate. This happened the next day, the day after that, and for many more days, that followed. He started becoming rich.

The Downfall: 

Then one day, he had to go to another village. He asked his son to follow the same steps he did in his absence. He obeyed and did as asked. So, when the next day he found a gold coin on the plate, he was utterly surprised! He thought to himself, “There must be plenty of gold coins in the anthill since the cobra brings one every day. What if I kill the cobra and take all the coins at once?”

The following day, instead of a plate of milk he carried a stick to kill the cobra. As soon as the cobra emerged from the anthill, he smacked and killed it. He bought down the anthill, but to his dismay, there was nothing in there but ants! He got confused and went back home with his head hung low.

That evening when Haridutt came home and got to know about the whole episode. He could not think of anything else but to bang his head! His son had cost them a fortune, and now that could not be undone in any way.

Think Right Tips:

  • There is a difference between being ambitious and being greedy
  • Success will be short-lived if a dream is driven by greed
  • Money earned at the cost of peace of mind will never bring happiness.

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