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Wide Awake At 2am? Mistakes To Avoid And Tips For A Relaxing Sleep

Wide Awake At 2am? Mistakes To Avoid And Tips For A Relaxing Sleep

  • If you are unable to sleep at night, you must avoid these sleeping mistakes and follow some simple tips for a relaxing sleep.
Mistakes To Avoid And Tips For A Relaxing Sleep

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to get the calm relaxing sleep that you need and then wake up groggy, lethargic and demotivated in the morning? Though sleep issues have bothered many even before the pandemic the current health crisis has aggravated it. There are a number of factors that are to be blamed for your poor sleep.  

Why can’t we sleep? 

The reasons for lack of relaxing sleep during the pandemic are varied. Our pre-pandemic life has taken a backseat for an indefinite period with all the family members operating from home leaving no space for the mind to breathe. It is the accumulated stress of financial insecurity, loneliness, juggling with online schooling, working from home that may make one feel trapped and anxious. 

There are a number of factors including unstructured days and lack of routine that are to be blamed for our poor sleep. Making certain sleep mistakes could upset our sleep routine and lead to many mental health issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia etc. 

The lack of a structured day coupled with ‘revenge watching’ at night and constantly staying at home can disturb our circadian rhythm. It is important to take a pause and think of ways to get your life back on track and most importantly your sleep schedule. 

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Mistakes To Avoid And Tips For A Relaxing Sleep
Tips for relaxed sleep | Image: File image
Tips to combat stress and get a relaxing sleep 
Develop a sleep schedule

You must shut down all the gadgets at least an hour before you go to sleep. One can do some light reading and then go to sleep only when you feel drowsy. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training (CBT)

CBT is a very effective way to deal with stress. The technique teaches you to distinguish between positive and negative thoughts and analyse stress logically rather than emotionally. 

Brain exercises 

Engaging in brain exercises two times a day is a good way to stay positive and healthy. There are many yoga asanas that can be good for brain health. Mindfulness exercises and techniques can also aid in rejuvenating the mind and helps you get the relaxing sleep you need. 

Build a support system 

Pandemic may make you feel lonely but you need not be. Stay in touch with your friends, family and neighbours. Take out time for social interactions rather than being isolated. 

Develop your creative side 

Music, art, dance, gardening, writing etc can calm your mind and bring a positive outlook. 
The pandemic has taken a toll on all, but to avoid lockdown fatigue it’s important that you have a relaxing sleep every night. Avoiding these common mistakes and applying these easy tips will help you get your sleep schedule back on track. 

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