7 Types Of Rests You Need To Really Feel Relaxed

7 Types Of Rests You Need To Really Feel Relaxed

Sleeping is actually just one of the seven types of rest!
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We all love spending a relaxing night after a hectic day, don’t we? Take a hot shower, slip into PJs, spread out on the couch, and do nothing. At that point, nothing seems sweeter than a good night’s sleep.

We do this day and again, and yet no matter how many hours of zzzz we get, we wake up feeling tired. We think of sleep as some magic wand, that will sweep our tiredness and stress away.

Even though sleeping helps a bit, we’re still far away from that total relaxation we’re seeking. Why does that happen?

Because sleep and rest are not the same things. To unlock that blissful state of mind, rest should be restored in seven areas of our lives!

Physical Rest

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Passive physical rest is sleeping and napping, where your body is inactive and recovering itself. It’s the most basic yet essential type of rest. Active physical rest involves restorative activities such as Yoga, body massages and stretching, all of which improve blood circulation and daily bodily functions.

Mental Rest

When you feel you are pushing through the day, and yet doing a terrible job at it, you’re in need of mental rest. Schedule short breaks throughout the day, where you can take a walk, grab a snack, take deep breaths, or do anything that lets you reset. This will allow you to slow down and prevent burn-out.

Sensory Rest

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The phone screen, the bright lights, the street noise, the non-stop conversations at home, or on calls, are stimuli that are overwhelming you. To undo the damage, close your eyes, unplug, turn off the lights, and let yourself recharge. This deprivation and quiet are essential for sensory rest.

Creative Rest

If your job mostly requires you to brainstorm ideas, pitch a deal to a client, or solve problems, creative rest is especially for you. It’s natural for such people to feel a block. Get your creative juices flowing by turning your workspace into a place of inspiration – add plants, vacation pictures, works of art, and do something that makes you happy.

Emotional Rest

Do you tend to put everyone’s needs before yours? No doubt, your emotional energy will always run low. This is great for people who do lots of emotional work every day – teachers, parents, caretakers. Take a pause, and respond with, “I need to think about this,’ rather than a straight ‘yes’ whenever a favour comes your way. Think about the pros and cons of each decision, and don’t agree unless you’re sure.

Social Rest

Think about people who are supportive, loving, and fun to be around. Now think about those who are demanding and exhausting to hang out with. Taking a social rest is to spend more time with people from the first group than the latter. Figure out who these people are in your life. This differentiation that you just did, will help you experience social rest.

Spiritual Rest

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Spiritual rest can be called switching off. You switch off from everything and everyone around you and do something to make your soul happy. Something that adds purpose and gravitas to your life. Start meditating, join a spiritual centre, do volunteer work, or simply pray. This will detach you from worldly activities and leave you with a feeling of belonging, love, and acceptance.

So, you see, resting goes much beyond what we knew and has deeper effects on our wellbeing than we imagine.

Which is the type of rest you need right now?

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