5 Feelings Every Student Goes Through During Exams

5 Feelings Every Student Goes Through During Exams

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We all must certainly remember that condescending student, who always had that worried, I know it all expression, right before the exam. The student who made all of us think, that we hadn’t done enough. The kind of emotional uproar one goes through during those few moments right before you start the exam is sublime. It should suffice to say, that today as adults we realize the importance of harbouring positive thoughts for exams, be it right before we take the tests, or even in maintaining a generally positive attitude.

As an allegory to maintaining positive thoughts for exams, I have penned down 5 different kinds of emotions that every student has gone through. Perhaps, you might be able to relate to these.

When enough is never enough:

The feeling you get when you realize what you have studied isn’t even in the syllabus. And that actually something entirely different is part of it. All of us have had this moment at least once in our lives. Right before the exams, we realise that we have prepared a completely different syllabus. And we then start guessing and try to decipher the answers.

No recollection of the last time we slept properly:

With exams over your head and with assignments that need to be handed in, sleep is the last thing on your mind, leave alone positive thoughts for exams! it is essential to be properly rested before exams otherwise it negatively impacts our performance.

positive thoughts for exams
Positive thoughts for exams | Image: File Image

Wishing you had an extra day to study:

No matter how much one studies, every student without fail wishes he/she had an extra day to study.

Doubts about passing the exam:

Overwhelming thoughts are surely a buzz-kill for any positive thoughts for exams. We start calculating how much marks we need to pass and that drives us into a frenzy.

Too much coffee:

For any over-zealous student who enjoys burning the midnight oil before exams, coffee is a must. The one thing that definitely keeps them awake till the wee hours. But is this the healthiest option? You can try adopting other habits, like drinking cold water in order to stay awake.

Studying and preparing for exams are extremely stressful on any student. This stress is more harmful than helpful, and should be avoided.

We must keep in mind, the following positive thoughts for exams:
  • Belief in oneself
  • Proper rest
  • Healthy food and beverage intake
  • Most importantly, the right attitude

To all students who have exams coming up; All the best! Remember, with positive thoughts for exams in your head you can achieve the impossible!


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