Pink, White, Brown, Or Black Noise: Which One Can Help You Sleep Better?

Pink, White, Brown, Or Black Noise: Which One Can Help You Sleep Better?

Often, white noise is recommended to combat sleep troubles. But it's not the only noise that can bring you a good night's rest.
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While some noises can make it easier to sleep, others can make it impossible. For a more restful night’s sleep, a lot of people have been using sleep noises or white noise. Using sound is a simple, affordable treatment with minimal known adverse effects to promote restful sleep. According to research, some noises can induce relaxation and enhance sleep quality. 

People are known to sleep more soundly when exposed to sleep sounds like white noise, pink noise, brown noise, green noise, blue noise, violet noise, black noise, and other natural sounds. These soothing sounds are a good option to consider if someone wants to sleep better and for longer. 

A sound has many colours, and there are many sounds that will help you fall asleep faster, but we’ve listed a few of the best below.

Pink Vs. Brown Vs. Black Vs. White Noise: Which Type Of Noise Will Help You Sleep Better & Faster?

1. White Noise 

When all sound frequencies are combined, they create white noise. This low volume of noise effectively blocks out other noises that might otherwise keep you awake at night. 

White noise can cover up strong sounds that can relax your brain since it covers all frequencies at equal intensity. For this reason, it’s often advised for sleep disorders like insomnia.

A static television set is the ultimate example for white noise.

Some examples of white noise include a whirring fan, static from a radio or television, and a humming air conditioner. 

2. Pink Noise 

Pink noise creates a balance of low- and high-frequency noises that are similar to natural sounds. Pink noise has recently gained popularity among sleep noises as a result of studies showing that it prolongs deep sleep and enhances memory. 

Examples include the sound of the ocean, a constant rainfall, or the wind rustling the leaves, even heartbeats. 

3. Brown Noise 

The energy of brown noise, also known as red noise, is higher at lower frequencies. It is therefore more powerful than pink and white noise. Although it is deeper than white noise, brown noise has a similar sound to the human ear. 

Brown noise includes low roaring, deep rumbling thunder, and loud waterfalls. 

The gushing of a loud waterfall can be considered as brown noise.

4. Black Noise 

Black noise is a common phrase used to indicate silence. It alludes to absolute silence or silence mixed with irregular noise. Finding total quiet can be challenging, but it can be beneficial for your ability to sleep at night. Some people find that when there is little to no noise, they are most comfortable. 

5. Green Noise

Green noise isn’t the kind of nature sounds that will have you waking up to explore the wild but more of a consistent ocean wave sound, much similar to pink or brown noise. It is a frequency of white noise that is typically connected to nature.

green noise image
The soothing sounds of gushing waves can be considered as green noise.

6. Blue Noise

Blue noise is a higher frequency with deep tones to balance it out. Blue noise sounds similar to the hiss of a water hose, something that masks the outside noises that can be disturbing.

7. Violet Noise

Violet noise is the complete opposite of what brown noise is. It’s a higher frequency and has a higher pitch and sound. But just like brown noise, this sound is used to help people who have a consistent ringing in their ears.

Take attention to the sounds that make you feel calm during the day, as it’s possible that these sounds may help in your quest for a peaceful night’s sleep. For a few nights at a time, experiment with listening to various noises as part of your night time routine and observe how your mind and body are affected. 

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