Flowers That Smell Like Chocolate-Chip Cookies? Yes, You Heard That Right

Flowers That Smell Like Chocolate-Chip Cookies? Yes, You Heard That Right

These flowers are pleasing to your eyes, and your nose!
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Nature never fails to amuse us, and with these pretty and ‘yummy’ smelling flowers, it sure did raise the bar!

These red-hued flowers called Chocolate Cosmos, smell like chocolate chip cookies! They are very graceful, with velvety-red petals and have centres that are almost black.

The velvety flower
The velvety flower | Image: File Image

There is a little debate there, as some people get a sense of red velvet cake, and some are reminded of rich chocolate and cookies; but one thing’s certain, it sure smells delicious!

Its botanical name is Cosmos Astrosanguineus, and they are native to Mexico. The flowers are fragile and really delicate.

The dainty and delicate Chocolate Cosmos
The dainty and delicate Chocolate Cosmos | Image: File Image

They’ll surely turn any garden into a calorie-free sweet-treat.

While we sure love the sweet smell of roses and the soothing smell of lavender, Chocolate Cosmos really takes the cake. A chocolate cake that too!  

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