An Open Letter From Love, To Every Man

An Open Letter From Love, To Every Man

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Dear Man,

It’s nice to know that you now realise the presence of love, that’s me, in many forms around you. I try to be around. Make you happy and peaceful.

It’s nice to know that you miss me sometimes. Because when you miss me, you make an effort to reach out to people. Make friends, influence people and do things that please them and in return live, that’s me, comes back to you.

I have a role to play in your life. It’s to keep you on an even keel. Bring balance into your life. Translate the actions of people around you so that you progress in your relationships. That enables you to lead a defined life. Parents, friends, sweetheart, wife, kids, workmates or even enemies. You use love, that’s me again, in various ways to influence them and create an important space for yourself. You are important in your sphere of life. You matter. I enable that.

You are a part of society. And there are many like you who I enable and who contribute to make the society a liveable space. Peace and harmony happen because I am around. From the early morning when milkman delivers to the late night when the policeman does a patrol to see if everything is alright. People do things because they love, that’s me, what they do. They love the environment in which they do what they do. They feel responsible then. And the society ticks along. Like a well-oiled machine.

From Love, To Man
Let love overpower | Image: File Image

And that, dear friend, makes the world tick along. Oh, forget the petty miseries because of some politics and business skirmishes. They are very small in numbers. Look at the vast multitudes of people living peacefully with nature and animals all over the world. Look at the adaptive capabilities of all the people, to cold, to natural calamities, to hot temperatures, to lack of resources. How do they do it? Not alone. Never alone. Through their societies. Through their own cultures and efforts. How do people work together? Love. That’s me.

I know you will talk about wars, deceit, and foolhardiness. Well, here’s the thing. What is love, that’s me, without a little bit of the other side. Only in extraneous circumstances will people respect love from fellow humans a lot more. Love exists even in those circumstances. Two soldiers bonding at a Sarajevo outpost. Two anchors reading the news somberly. Two bomb makers in Yemen winding up the wire quietly and slowly so as not to hurt each other. In slums of Mumbai and in the Gaza where bombs fall all day long. I mark my presence so that humans don’t turn into marauding mobs that kill or maim others like those middle ages.

I am there. Everywhere. Even God invokes me to help you with things.

And I reside in your heart. Just reach in and give it out to others. Limitlessly. Great things are bound to happen. To you, to your people and to the world all over.



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