Give Your Diet A Conscious Spin!

Give Your Diet A Conscious Spin!

This newly opened store in Bandra will definitely encourage you to make the swap to a healthier diet.
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We’ve all heard of innumerable reasons to be conscious of the food that we eat. The modern lifestyle especially demands a thorough diet that gives the body the required and the best nutrition daily. And due to this, the demand for organic produce and products is on a healthy rise. But the supply of such good quality product is very limited. But there are many entrepreneurs who are coming up with new and innovative ideas to encourage the consumption of organic produce and healthier diet.  

One such start-up is The Conscious Cravings, a one of its kind store in Bandra, Mumbai. It offers every kind of dietary need. We had a conversation with Sakshi Arora, Founder of The Conscious Cravings, about what and why starting this particular venture and here’s what she said.  

Sakshi Arora
What prompted you to start The Conscious Cravings? 

A couple of things encouraged me to start The Conscious Cravings,  at the top of my thoughts, was a desire to build a business that could understand specific dietary requirements and offer well researched products, a modern-day lifestyle requires for each one of us to be intelligent about what we consume, from a hygiene and nutritional point of view. I believe that the lockdown introduced a lot of us to the kitchen, given the time we had on hand, a lot of us experimented with food and found that great tasting healthy foods and snacks could be made but the large FMCG companies had taken over every inch of shelf space available in most stores, I thought of The Conscious Cravings to be the place where artisanal products could be offered on the merits of their taste and nutrition. 

Are there any specifics that you look for in the products that you stock at TCC? 

The products stocked at The Conscious Cravings (TCC) have been researched in length, we are a small store in size and want to offer nothing but the best. There’s a story behind every brand we stock in our store, the common factors between most of our brands are the importance given to quality and nutritional content, we have a line of keto-friendly products, dairy-free and diet vegan-friendly foods, a lot of products that are sugar-free which could be enjoyed by people who can’t eat sugar but still like to indulge in some sweetness. And of course, a range of snacks that are healthy and tasty. We have stocked up organic lentils, flours, millets and also house some gourmet ingredients from different parts of the world. 

The Conscious Cravings (TCC)
How do you ensure the quality of the products at TCC? 

So, one thing we do is to read and understand the ingredients and hygiene standards maintained by the brands we stock, what we also do a little differently is to consciously observe expiry dates of the food we sell and offer the freshest products. 

Are there any sustainability guidelines that you follow at TCC especially while packaging/delivering the products? 

We have developed packaging with some vendors to substitute the use of plastic to glass; I like Conscious Cravings to also be conscious towards our environment and would like to do my bit towards the same and we all should too. 

As an organic and sustainable brand, what’s the one message that you would want to share with all of us? 

All I’d want to say is – make the swap; eat healthy and support young businesses. That is my request to all! 

What are you waiting for? Make the swap now! 

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