Improve Your Lifestyle To Improve Your Mental Health

Improve Your Lifestyle To Improve Your Mental Health

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The increasing awareness about mental health and depression means that these days, people are not branded off as “crazy”. Instead, they can seek help from a friendly neighbourhood therapist. But most people seldom realize that a lot of it is in your hands! The clues to degrading mental health can be easily found in daily routines of people. And these five healthy lifestyle changes for depression, as well as other mental health problems, can help you keep those crying spells in control!

Healthy lifestyle changes for depression and other mental problems

You may look at depression as this monster that you can’t fight. But this very fear can make a person sink deeper into the abyss of the disorder. And one could get trapped in a vicious cycle.

Yes, depression is hard to fight. But the David in you can take the Goliath down with a little bit of willpower and conviction. Small changes that you make in your everyday routine can go a long way in ensuring that when it comes to the battlefield of your mind, depression is on the losing side.

Sleeping Is Not Silly

The classic pop culture definition of depression is a person who has dark circles below his or her eyes indicating rough and sleepless nights. But as far as stereotypes go, this one is true because most people tend to stay up hours. And they may be worrying about the most mundane things when going through depression.

Alternatively, sleep deprivation can act as a catalyst and that can throw your mental health off the block.  How often have you felt crankier for having less sleep? Having a proper and regular sleep and wake up cycle which allows your body clock to have a strict sense of discipline is one of the easiest healthy lifestyle changes for depression and mental health.

Healthy lifestyle changes for depression
Healthy lifestyle change for depression and other mental problems | Image: file image
Fitness Makes You Feel Fine

There is nothing more relaxing than regular exercising. Even though it might seem like a chore at first, it not only keeps your body fit it also helps to keep your mind in shape too! In fact, fitness regimes have been known to be as useful as antidepressants.  And squats and push-ups are safer than popping pills!

You don’t need to hit the gym and do some heavy duty lifting. It can be as simple as going for an evening walk every day or jogging early in the morning. It’s about a set of physical activity which you do every day. And that’s what makes you feel better about yourself and where you are right now! Even swimming and cycling can work wonders.

A Team to Ease Your Turmoil

Join the local community theatre group and spend your leisure time rehearsing for a play!  Help an NGO in one of their numerous voluntary clothes drive projects. Find a group of enthusiastic mountaineers who would be happy to teach you the basics of rock climbing.

Healthy lifestyle changes for depression also means finding like-minded people and meaning in what you do. An interest group, community, or club not only makes you feel special and productive it also makes you acquainted with a set of people who have the exact same interests as you do. And by the end of the day, your awesome squad will make you feel like humming along to the Michael Jackson classic “You are not alone.”

Of course, it’s your therapist or counselor who knows best about your mental health. But a few healthy lifestyle changes for depression can work wonders for anyone. A schedule full of fun and productive activities can make you feel like a better person who has something healthy to fall back upon.

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