How The Space Surrounding Us Influences Our Subconscious Mind?

How The Space Surrounding Us Influences Our Subconscious Mind?

Arpita Bhandari tells us how our surrounding space can affect our wellbeing.
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We have two minds. The first one is your conscious mind which is 10 percent of your reality. This is the mind you are most familiar with because you are aware of it on a daily basis. It’s where your thinking goes on. The second is your subconscious mind, the seat of your consciousness. It keeps your experiences, concepts, memories, and perceptions long after your conscious mind has forgotten them.

From here comes the feelings and emotions that rule your conscious self, behaviours, habits, a reaction in a situation and mindset. This is the part of the mind that is generally unexplored and under-utilized, by most of us. The subconscious mind, something that has a huge effect on every action, but is constantly overlooked.

Let’s understand ‘How space surrounding us influences our Subconscious Mind’. The space is an extension of you? Why is it so, because “Your  imagination takes shape using colours, forms, shapes, textures, patterns, etc to make it your reality which is expressed through thoughts and feelings in a tangible way in your space”

Your home is influencing how you think, feel and act; therefore your home is shaping all aspects of your well being—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual—and all areas of your life including your health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Think for a moment about your home, or take a look around. What adjectives would you use to describe your home? Are these adjectives describing you, your life, or a part of your life? More importantly, are these words describing the person you want to be and the life you want to live?

Live in a home that looks and feels like you. A home that brings a smile to your face every time you come back to it. Let the colours, forms, textures and patterns used emulate your style. When you are living in a home that does not reflect and support your dreams and goals, and how you are in your personality, it re-enforces feelings of lack and scarcity.

Let’s look at an example to understand this better

If you desire more abundance in your life, check in with your home and see if your surroundings look abundant and make you feel prosperous? Or, perhaps you are surrounded by things that are not in working order, cluttered, or shabby?

The energies that you bring to your space will be the same energies you see reflected in your life. If you haven’t done so, you can now create a home that reflects your best self and your highest aspirations. As we say and believe, “As you design your home, you have the opportunity to design your life!”

Write up by Arpita Bhandari. She is a Design Energist, Interior Designer and Founder of Arpita B Design Studio

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