Healthy Relationships Lead to A Healthy Life

Healthy Relationships Lead to A Healthy Life

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It is said time and again that man is a social animal. Everyone loves a handful of close relationships and enjoy being in the presence of people whom they love. This is because people adhere to the fact that healthy relationships lead to better lives. From friends, partners, spouses, siblings, and children, healthy relationships are the fuel that improve one’s self-esteem, physical health and emotional health.

How Do Healthy Relationships Lead to Better Lives? 

There have been ample studies that establish a link between healthy relationships and the well-being of people. Human brains are hardwired to form relationships and connections with people. Although, it is not impossible to live off on one’s own, humans always crave appreciation and a sense of belonging. These twin factors usually stem from healthy relationships. Proven links show higher self-esteem, lower rates of anxiety and depression, greater empathy. It also helps develop more trusting and cooperative relationships.

healthy relationships lead to better lives
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Contrary to this, loneliness can heavily disrupt sleeping patterns, increase cortisol (a stress hormone), and elevate blood pressure. It also lowers immunity against diseases, and decrease your overall sense of contentment. In addition to this, it triggers antisocial behavior, and suicidal tendencies.

Happy and healthy relations boost the level of dopamine in the body, which is a feel-good hormone. Hence, people in a committed relationship or those married are less responsive to psychological stress. As, the support, love and care that one experiences from loving relationships is a great buffer against stress.

A study of mid-life women revealed that those who were in a satisfying marriage had a lower risk of heart diseases. On the other hand, those in less satisfying relations, had a greater risk.

A healthy relationship with your intimate circle, is greatly beneficial for your mental health. Consequently, it boosts your overall physical health in several ways.

How Can You Strengthen Your Ties?
  • Focus your time and energy on your most meaningful relationships.
  • Take up some fun activity or task that involves participation of people that matter to you.
  • Keep the communication channel open and free.
  • Instead of cutting off a close relationship, see if there is a way around. Again, try to understand the other person and realise the underlying issues.
  • See your friends frequently. Nothing compares to the happy times that you spend with your friends.

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