Are You A Good Friend? 10 Benefits Of Building Healthy Friendships

Are You A Good Friend? 10 Benefits Of Building Healthy Friendships

Your life can benefit greatly from healthy friendships. Good friends will always push you and teach you about yourself.
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Strong relationships are considered as important to your health as eating well and exercising. Spending time with your friends is not only enjoyable, but it also has numerous long-term advantages for both physical and mental health. Your life can benefit greatly from healthy friendships. Good friends will always push you and teach you about yourself. When things get difficult, they motivate you to keep on moving and join you in celebrating your victories. Yet friends do much more for you than just being there for you when you need someone to weep on; they also benefit your health. 

How Do Healthy Friendships Support Your Well-Being?

1. Your life is more joyful when you have friends. 

Making new friends or having existing friends can add excitement and delight to your life. Finding a new friend or someone with whom to share special experiences is an amazing feeling. The advantages of friendship also make you happy since a friend always has your best interests in mind. They are aware of your triggers. For instance, when your friend is aware that you are about to enter a challenging or stressful scenario at work, they often take the necessary steps to boost your confidence and cheer your day, before you have a chance to address the problems at hand. 


2. Your self-worth and confidence increases as a result of friendship. 

A good friend frequently always sees the best in us, even when we’re incapable to see it in ourselves. One of the greatest benefits of friendship is having a strong relationship with a person who always reminds us of our brilliance and talent. In our lowest moments, these amazing friends bring it to our attention. When we experience failure, our genuine friends assist us in realising our strengths, value, and capacity for greatness. They make sure we stand back up in circumstances when we might fall. 

3. Friends support in your recovery from trauma and loss. 

It is quite helpful to have a kind, loving, and patient companion when attempting to navigate life following the loss of a loved one or after experiencing a horrific event. They provide you with the emotional assistance you require to get through. Your close pals will know exactly what to say and how to act to make you feel the most at ease through difficult times. Also, your friend might know how to open up to you and speak with you when others can’t. 

4. You are pushed to step beyond your comfort bubble by new friends. 


You can push yourself outside of your comfort zone by making new friends. Existing friends can also do this, but they frequently avoid pushing you over a point that they believe you have previously shied away from. Making friends can begin new opportunities. You can let down your guard and relish the novelty of the relationship as you get to know your friend better and as they get to know you. Also, the key to experiencing life outside of a familiar environment is having a diverse group of friends. 

5. Making new friends is a fresh start. 

One of the many advantages of friendship is the opportunity it allows you to start over by making new acquaintances. It enables you to get to meet someone from scratch. There are no actual expectations other than to get to know one another and have fun in each other’s presence. Fresh buddies are unaware of one another’s former lives. Just put your best foot forward, and you and your companion can watch what occurs. 

6. Friends provide a range of perspectives. 

One of the greatest advantages of friendship is having someone we respect advise on our lives and point out when we are not viewing things accurately. When we allow prejudices, biases, traumatic experiences, anger, resentment, and other factors to cloud our judgement, real friends talk to us and let us know. Such people will alert us if it’s time to adopt a new perspective. 

7. Friends help in reducing stress. 

Everyone experiences unpleasant situations. You are less likely to consider a difficult period stressful if you have friends you can rely on. Healthy friendships can support you to get through difficult times. One small study found that people who spend time with friends during a difficult scenario release less cortisol, a hormone that the body releases when it is under stress. 

8. Less social isolation and loneliness. 

Social isolation and loneliness can have a negative impact on one’s mental and physical health, and these days, a growing number of people are experiencing loneliness. Consider this to help you distinguish between these issues: Friends help you avoid isolation, while good friends help stop loneliness. Ever heard the expression “lonely in a crowd”? Even if you aren’t alone, you can have many of friends and yet still feel lonely. But, even a small group of close friends can prevent loneliness. And if you do experience loneliness, you know how to deal with it by calling a buddy or making a joke with them. 

9. Good friends promote healthy habits. 

Healthy friendships can assist you in making lifestyle adjustments that can have a direct influence on your well-being. They can assist you in achieving goals, such as improving your diet and increasing your exercise. They can also keep an eye on you and alert you if any harmful behaviours (like binge drinking) become a problem. Also, when people participate in an exercise programme with a friend, they are more encouraged and likely to remain with it. With a friend by your side, staying active and going outside is much simpler. 

10. Friendships that are healthy tend to make us happier. 

In contrast to fitness tracker data like heart rate and physical activity, a strong social network was a more accurate predictor of joy and general wellness. Associating with joyful individuals is beneficial, especially if they are local. According to a study involving over 4,000 participants, having a good friend who lives nearby enhances your personal likelihood of happiness by 25%. 

Moreover, friends can be a helpful influence. You are more likely to adopt these values if you establish friendships with people who are kind to other people, giving with their time, ambitious, or family-oriented. The right friends can help you become the absolute best of yourself. They accept you as you really are because they can see it. They support and motivate you to work harder and be your “ideal self”. 

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