Here’s Why The Viral Frozen Honey Trend Is Not So Sweet For Your Health

Here’s Why The Viral Frozen Honey Trend Is Not So Sweet For Your Health

This challenge is all over Tik-Tok and Instagram and health experts have raised their concerns.
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2021 has already seen so much. From the viral baked feta pasta to the weird Chinese workout regime, but no one was prepared for this one. The internet has gone gaga over eating frozen honey, and these videos have already crossed 900 million views.

It’s a complete abomination of this liquid gold, where people freeze honey in a plastic bottle, and then squeeze it so that it oozes out with a glassy consistency. It is then licked like a popsicle or bitten off like a candy.

The candy-like frozen honey

Some people are taking it further by adding corn syrup to make it a bit thinner thereby, more ‘squeezable.’ Some are adding food colouring or powdered mixes for visual appeal.

Here’s why this trend is harmful by all means

While you may think that honey being healthy, its squeezable treat might not be so bad. But this trend is stickier than it seems and can lead to various health problems. Awful diarrhea, stomach cramping, bloating, and teeth cavities, a spike in blood glucose, to name a few. There is also an added risk of foodborne botulism for those who take the challenge using raw honey.

A lot of Tik-Tokers, and YouTubers who tried this trend, complained about one or more of the above-stated issues. But is that really stopping people from trying it?

How did the trend go viral?

It all began when a person by the name of Dave Ramirez took a bit of frozen honey in his Tik-Tok video and said, “I’m not going to lie. That was pretty refreshing.”
Honey is a very accessible ingredient, so a lot of people tried this challenge and it quickly gained traction. That’s how the trend was born.

Glossy frozen honey

Although this trend is not life-threatening, it is also not benefitting you in any way. Consider it a sheer publicity tactic that some social media influencers are blindly following to gain a few hundred followers.

We know it is satisfying to watch honey oozing ASMR video, but it is better to just leave it at that. Snack on crystallised honey or honeycomb instead. But if you really must try this, it is wise to stick to a serving size of one tablespoon, and nothing more than that at a time.

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