How Can A Holistic Approach Lead To The Empowerment Of Women?

How Can A Holistic Approach Lead To The Empowerment Of Women?

Sustainable development requires taking into account the issues of gender inequality and women's empowerment.
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In modern times, dynamism dictates almost every aspect surrounding us. Things attain a new meaning every second, ideologies change, perspectives shift, and the process of definition and redefinition continues to shape the world around us. For instance, the idea of women’s empowerment has undergone a massive shift. The aspects that defined women’s empowerment ten years ago are now irrelevant. A new approach, a mind shift, drives the present scenario. In this piece, we are trying to understand and evaluate the changing dynamics of women’s empowerment in the modern world and dive deep into how a holistic approach can lead to the empowerment of women and girls. 

Why is women’s empowerment crucial for development?

As we make progress as a society, it seems as if more women are forgetting that they are already empowered. The females, across species, are blessed with the anatomy and the ability to procreate and nurture a new life. Despite such a distinct differentiator on their side, it is a sad state of affairs that society is driving the idea of women’s empowerment in a completely different direction. It is becoming more and more about job, money, influence, status, and their position in society. 

It is difficult to mark the exact instances when these shifts started to occur but that’s the sad reality. If you think about the natural and the spiritual aspect, women don’t need to compete with men. Nature has already placed them a notch above. The creator has enabled women to do many things that men can’t. And with that realization in mind, the modern definition of women empowerment seems a little problematic. 

The idea here is not to suggest that women shouldn’t work or do things they are already doing. The idea is to convey that women don’t need to do these things for the sake of competing, but that they want to do it on their own because they feel like doing it. The idea here is to assert that even if a woman doesn’t chase a job or money, she is still an equal part of society. Modern society must recognize and appreciate this new way of thinking. 

How can we make sustainable progress?

Women can begin with taking a stand for themselves. If you want to have a job, a salary, a business of your own, you should go out and have them by all means. On the other hand, if you don’t want that kind of life and want to do other things, that is just as great. There’s no set definition of the kind of life women should lead. It all starts with an individual and the stand they take in life. That’s what shapes up the kind of life you’ll lead. It is also important to remember that taking a stand doesn’t always mean opposing or going against something. At times it also means defining your world according to yourself. 

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Knowing yourself, having a clear idea of your wants and needs from life, believing in yourself and your vision of life, not seeking validation from anyone else but yourself — this is what true women empowerment looks like, it celebrates your individuality instead of abdicating it. Once you start getting this clarity, you’ll automatically feel empowered. That’s when the real magic happens. That’s when you realize the myth of women empowerment that’s going around versus the reality. 

Having a holistic approach can make the difference that’s still missing despite so many developments on women’s empowerment. The idea is to balance the masculine and the feminine energies in all beings. Naturally, the women are high on feminine energy, and the men are high on masculine energy. However, the modern approach has messed up a lot of that aspect. The feminine and the masculine energies are no more balanced in most of us, thus causing the blurring of lines. As we identify the problem and start approaching a resolution, we can expect some formidable changes worth cherishing. 

The way forward

An acceptance of the problem, a zeal to rectify them, the realization of self-worth, the understanding of one’s wants and needs, a balanced outlook, and a holistic approach can fix things for us as a society and help us steer in the right direction towards achieving the true women empowerment. 

Inputs by Ms Pritika Singh:

Ms. Pritika Singh, CEO of Prayag Hospital & Research Pvt. Ltd, has been a game-changer and leader in the healthcare sector, she is a young women entrepreneur. Her focus isn’t just on the healthcare business but she is also working on many interesting alternatives from the healthcare business, her interests vary in different ways inclusive of beauty, mental health, yoga, meditation, and the pharma industry. She has been working towards women-centric issues.

She is also very much dedicated to women’s rights, she pursues philosophy and is also a relationship coach. She has organized yearly free camps for acid attack survivors and undertakes around 100 surgeries at nominal costs to help better the lives of these survivors. 

Pritika believes in the different approaches towards healing so she has opened an entire department that focuses on Holistic healing for people who want to explore alternative healing when medical healing didn’t work. 

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