4 UP Siblings Crack Civil Services Exams Together

4 UP Siblings Crack Civil Services Exams Together

These four siblings from UP’s Mishra family, cleared the coveted UPSC exams within three years.
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Civil Services Examinations are one of the toughest competitive exams in the country. Imagine how happy you’d be if you clear it, how proud your parents would be. Now multiply that by four.

Kshama, Yogesh Lokesh, and Madhvi Mishra from UP’s Pratapgarh not only cleared the UPSC CSE within three years but also went on to become IAS officers.

Even while growing up the four kids were good in academics. Among the four, Yogesh was the first one to clear the exams in 2013, and that worked as a catalyst for the other three. Following his lead was Madhvi, who cleared the exams in 2014.

Around the same time, Lokesh found his name in the reserve list in CSE 2014 and decided to give it another shot. He was already a graduate from IIT Delhi and did his parents proud again by clearing the CSE 2015 exams.

It had been the third consecutive year of Mishra siblings’ success. But 2015 was even more special since Kshama, the eldest sibling cleared the exams in her fourth attempt that year. She shares the credit with her husband who motivated her to pursue her dreams. She says, “We all care and believe in each other; this success is a product of consistency, hard-work, and sacrifice; we have not inherited it.”

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