Simple Ways To Save Birds Around Us!

Simple Ways To Save Birds Around Us!

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Do you remember the last time you saw a sparrow? Probably not! Today, birds are dying in masses, because of environmental factors. Global warming being the foremost is accompanied by other factors like cellular towers, crash with airplanes, etc. The loss of their natural habitats, affects their migration and reproduction patterns. Consequently, this has caused a decline in their number, driving them to extinction. There are various actions that could be taken. People need to educate their children and themselves about how to save birds from extinction.

12 Simple Ways On How To Save Birds From Extinction –

  • Provide a source of water : Set up clean water for drinking. Also, clean it regularly to avoid the formation of algae.
  • Elevate bird feeders : If you want to provide food for the birds, make sure that the bird feeders are elevated enough to fend off cats.
how to save birds from extinction
Saving these little beautiful creatures | Image: File Image
  • Plant native trees and plants : Give the birds a bit of their native landscape and natural environment. This will further aid for their nest building.
  • Build bird houses : Bird houses are very popular in areas where nesting trees are scarce.
  • Organic gardening : Pesticides or toxic chemicals prove to be harmful to the birds. Avoid chemicals for your gardening, and grow plants organically.
  • Mark windows : Birds cannot see the absolutely transparent glass windows and often crash against them and die. Use frosted windows or decals instead.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint : Global warming increases the number of pests and ticks which kill birds. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Don’t speed: Many birds die because they fly into vehicles while flying low. Keep your speed slow in order to reduce the impact.
  • Avoid plastic products: Many birds mistake the indigestible plastic we throw away for food and consume the same. Avoid using plastic as much as you can. This will also help the environment.
  • Protect existing habitats: One of the best ways to save birds from extinction is by protecting their already existing natural habitats from logging and deforestation.
  • Limit energy usage: By reducing energy use, a person can help in conserving birds.
  • Enjoy and appreciate nature: The last point on how to save birds from extinction is by enjoying nature. Participating in bird watching and nature walks ensures constant appreciation towards the species.

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