Healings From Sadhguru Amid COVID – 19

Healings From Sadhguru Amid COVID – 19

Some powerful offerings from Sadhguru for these testing times.
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Sadhguru offers a powerful yet simple Sadhana that will help us attain inner peace, health, and wellbeing to overcome the negativity that surrounds us today.

Daily Practice from Sadhguru –

The Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya Chant (12 Cycles) followed by Isha Kriya meditation.

More details here.

In addition, Sadhguru has also offered a 40-day ‘Sadhana Support’ that you can register for. Where, they will provide additional yogic tools of transformation and provide practical and relevant tips on wellbeing and health through webinars, newsletters, and more.

For those who have been initiated by Shambhavi Mahamudra, shall receive a daily practice schedule guided by Sadhguru.

You can register here.

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