Did You Know About These 5 Productivity Killers?

Did You Know About These 5 Productivity Killers?

Do you face a situation where you can hardly get anything done throughout the day? These productivity killers might be the reason.
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Trying hard to complete your tasks at work but just cannot? Here are five productivity killers that might be the culprit! Read on to know how you can deal with them.

Even a simple text can be a distraction while working
Even a simple text can be a distraction while working | Image: File Image

These can come in various forms; an urgent email, a phone call, a conversation, a colleague coming over to the desk. All these are interruptions can be very distracting. They always take our focus away from the task at hand. One easy way to deal with this is to develop a habit of making a To-Do list and sticking to it daily. Set manageable timelines for completing a task; make your environment quiet and peaceful to achieve it.


Multitasking maybe a professional demand, however, toggling between tasks is actually counter-productive. For, once you focus on another task, you have to re-focus when you go back to the previous one. As per research, it takes about 25 minutes to get back our full attention to the task. This is a phenomenon called ‘attention residue’, means, some attention is left behind on the previous task. The brain does not easily flit from one task to another. Hence, productivity dips; it’s best to complete one job at hand uninterrupted and then move to the next.

Closed mindset

A closed mindset and aversion to anything new also affect productivity. There will be challenging or testing situations at work. When faced with one, do take it up. If you aren’t up to it, you have a closed mindset. Do not be averse to any new method or innovation of doing a task. Learn new concepts, technologies, and innovative ways. Familiarise yourself with these, adopt these at the workplace to increase your productivity.

This or That
This or That? | Image: File Image

Procrastinating and unable to make decisions can also kill productivity. If you are hesitating to take that final step, to action a decision, it impacts productivity negatively. Evaluate a decision and go by your instinct to make the correct one. Also, if you do happen to take an incorrect decision, you will most certainly recover from it in time. So, take your time, follow the ‘two-minute’ rule before you arrive at any decision.

Working without a break

For most of us, while being at a task for an hour or two on a task and our attention does get diverted. If you try to work through 4-5 hours continuously, you will certainly start losing focus. Hence, periodic breaks are necessary for productivity. Take a break, move away from your seat, step out, talk to a friend outside the workplace and you will feel refreshed. Shutting yourself away from your tasks and moving away from the workstation spikes productivity.

Adopt these techniques and use them in your work environment to up your productivity levels.

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