How Can You Mend A Broken Friendship?

How Can You Mend A Broken Friendship?

Has a good friendship gone dead for you? Here is how you can revive a it and get things rolling with your long-gone friend.
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‘Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.’

It’s true, isn’t it? All of us hold our friends very near to our hearts and lucky are those who have them for the rest of their lives. But more often, life happens—you change, they change, schedules get busy and there are fall outs. In most cases, it does not mean that you have banished them from your life. Just that you’ve gone in different directions and maybe someday you’ll also find your way back to them.

But reviving a dead friendship is not like hitting the play button on something that’s been paused. It requires more than that. And these might help you there:

Initiate conversation
Text or call them, don’t wait for them to do it | Image: File Image

Does that person still want to talk to me? Should I try to re-connect? Well, you’ll only know if you ask. This is a daunting step and will take some courage, but you got to do it. If calling makes you jittery, you can send them a text. Afraid they won’t pick up or text back? You haven’t spoken to them in quite some time now, so what’s to lose?

Ask a mutual friend to set things up

If you want to clear things out face-to-face but are not so comfortable to call or text, you can ask a common friend to set up a meet. That way, both of you can resolve issues amicably. The third person present can really give a neutral and non-biased perspective, which can help both realise your mistakes.

Write a heartfelt letter
Express your feelings with a paper and a pen | Image: File Image

You can go old-school and pour your heart out in a letter. Tell them what they mean to you and what place they hold in your life. If the spat is old, and both of you haven’t talked in a really long time, write about the happy times that you shared. Making the other person aware that you still remember details about them will surely bring a smile to their face.

Send some love, send a gift

Sure, conversing is a great way to dissolve differences, but sending over something they love is a good way to reach out. It can be anything they love, or a memento of something that is close to both of you.

How do you ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

One positive thing that comes out of breaking and fixing a friendship is that now, both of you know each other’s boundaries. Now you know what limits should not be crossed and you’ll also have a closer connection from having experienced it. Something that you wouldn’t get any other way.

Friends are for life | Image: File Image

A relation that is mended becomes stronger and irreplaceable. It is because both of you chose each other and valued the friendship over the misunderstanding.

So, in conclusion, remember that you have nothing to lose but a friend to gain. Take a chance and give it a try; if it works out then there is nothing like it.

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