How To Be A Better Co-Worker?

How To Be A Better Co-Worker?

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Are you the kind of person who draws cheerful greetings from your colleagues every morning or the kind whom no one bothers to even look at? Are you the kind who gets invited to share a meal at the lunchtime or are you overlooked every time someone passes their goody bag around? If you belong to the latter category, have you ever wondered how to be a better co-worker?

We usually either like someone or we don’t. Seldom does it change, without significant effort from either or both the parties. And that is how we categorise and get categorised in the ‘likeable’ and ‘not likeable’ slots at the workplace too. Hence, it is imperative to ask ourselves how to be a better co-worker so as to have a smooth relationship with people that we easily spend eight to nine hours every day.

How to be a better co-worker?

Be respectful to seniors and subordinates alike:

Love and respect are the basic requirements of any human being for them to have a healthy sense of worth. When you give respect to others, despite their seniority level, you connect with them in a healthy manner by validating their existence. This boosts their self-esteem and they feel love and respect for you too.

Give credit where it is due:

Working with integrity goes a long way in winning admirers, especially at the workplace. Being honest about your colleagues’ efforts in your success will not only earn you their respect but also their trust. And this earned trust always see you through a critical situation at the work front, and might as well get extended to after-office hours.

how to be a better co-worker
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Keep a check on your temper:

Dealing with a habitual defaulter is challenging, no doubt. But take it as an opportunity to build your character strength by keeping your temper under check. Maintaining civility in your communication shows that you respect the other colleagues too by not indulging in blame games. Be civil yet firm. Getting volatile and spewing personal remarks should be a strict no-no.

Be punctual in your response:

Nothing is more infuriating than to keep waiting for a colleague’s reply on important/ urgent e-mails, phone calls or messages. When working in a team, people depend on each other to come out with a competent output, hence, it is each worker’s prerogative to be up to date with internal communication. Not responding or delaying replying to a co-workers e-mail sends the message that you do not value their time or effort in getting the work done. Avoid doing so.

Maintain decorum without being morbid:

Certain decorum must be maintained while working but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep your mouth shut and avoid being friendly with your colleagues. Learn to maintain balance by being a good cheer while still being a responsible worker. Be a supportive colleague and show genuine interest in your co-workers’ lives outside of office without being intrusive.

Let us practice these tenets of ‘how to be a better co-worker’ and create a cheerful atmosphere at our workplaces!


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