How To: Better Understand Other’s Emotions

How To: Better Understand Other’s Emotions

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Today, when we look around, we find people glued to their gadgets. The white screen has become the channel for communication, and human connect is declining by the day. This losing connection has its share of repercussions; where we are failing to develop empathy towards others and thus, cannot understand them and their emotions. Because of this surface-level understanding, decoding someone’s feelings might seem very complex, even if it is not! If you find it difficult to trace someone’s behaviour and understand how they feel, you’re in luck.  

The Three-Step Process

Observing others | Image: File Image

We can gauge what the other person is feeling, by just watching them. Scientists back this up with a biological reason, stating that brain cells called “mirror neurons” are activated in the same way, whether we do something ourselves or see others doing it. This is why you probably gasp when someone hurts themselves. There are two simple ways to develop observational skills.

  • Study people’s body language: Next time when you are in a coffee shop or travelling in the train, try and identify how people might be feeling based on their body language. Observe them, their facial expressions, and what they are doing. Studying and identifying body language is the most effective way to read someone’s mind.
  • Watch movies or read books that portray realistic human emotions: The narration in a movie or a book will get you thinking about why a character is the way they are. Or why they did something, and what they might do next. Try and understand what the characters feel and why they do so.
Actively listening to others | Image: File Image

People who are good at understanding are usually good listeners. The more closely you listen the more connected you feel with the person. In order to build good listening skills, you should actively listen and pay close attention to what the other person is saying. Listening to understand, not just to respond. If you do this, you’ll be able to figure how the other person must have felt in a situation.

Be Compassionate
Make the world a kinder place | Image: File Image

Compassion forms the very basis of human existence. Ask others what they need. Be sincere in the interest you show in them. And act with kindness. When you hear any gossip or any unkind teasing imagine how it would feel to be at the receiving end. This would help you understand other people’s feelings.

Small acts of compassion help you in building positive social connections. These, in turn, are responsible for your holistic well-being. Work towards your EQ first. Empathy and kindness can take you a long way in life.

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