Churn Your Anger Into Ambition!

Churn Your Anger Into Ambition!

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Getting angry is just human, what’s important is how you take that energy and convert it into something for your benefit. What if, you could learn how to channel anger and frustration and turn it into your driving force? Anger can fuel us to great success and even happiness. The key here is to not let anger control you. Sounds good so far? Let’s delve deep and know how to do it, and maybe learn from someone who has already done it – Mr. Ratan Tata.

A legendary story of how to channel anger and frustration into something positive:

In the year 1998, Ratan Tata had entered the passenger car business. Initially, a failure, the owner of Ford motors told him that he should not have entered this business in the first place. Insinuating that he had no idea of this business. Ratan Tata pondered over this insult. However, he took this insult and anger and turned it into a globally known success story for Tata Motors. He took over Ford’s Jaguar-Land Rover. And we all know how humongous of a company it is!

how to channel anger and frustration
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If we take anger as a guide, it can act as a motivating force and provide insight. Anger, if taken positively can transform our lives into something beautiful. Channel it into something worthwhile, beautiful and everlasting.

5 Ways How You Can Channel Your Anger:

Creative Energy:

Find the activity that calms you and reduces your anger. Use this task to release all your anger and frustration.

Business Productivity:

All that anger and pent up frustrations can be used as energy for success.

Will Power:

Anger more often than not builds up a lot of energy. Take all this bottled up energy and change your life for the better. Anger can really help to boost will power. This, in turn, leads to a positive change in one’s life.


Anger makes you know yourself better. You learn about your strengths and weaknesses and have an opportunity to improve yourself.


Artists and musicians have a lot of pent up emotions in them. More often than not anger is the emotion that drives them. They take this anger and make something explosive, chaotic and beautiful out of it.

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