How To Cope With Personal Grief At Work?

How To Cope With Personal Grief At Work?

Grieving over the loss of a loved one is normal. However, expecting it to happen can be a lot more painful and difficult, especially while still at work. Here are ways to handle the impending loss of your loved one.
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Losing a loved one is a part of life; after all, none of us want to let them go ever. We want to hold on to them forever, cherish those fond memories forever. However, being in a situation where you know you’ve to let them go can be extremely difficult, especially at the workplace. Expecting the loss of a loved one is a challenge, yet there are ways to handle it that can help you tide over.

Acceptance is the key

The first step is towards accepting that you will be facing grief and that death is normal. No matter what, it is bound to happen. So, acceptance goes a long way in helping deal with such grief.

Empathy will help a great deal
Empathy will help a great deal | Image: File Image
Share it with colleagues

Believe in the power of sharing; believe us, it goes a long way in dealing with most painful situations. Let your colleagues know about your forthcoming grief. Share this impending situation with them. Be clear about what kind of support you would need from them. If you do not feel like sharing your situation with all your colleagues or teammates, share it with just one person. An empathetic colleague will go a long way in helping you feel comfortable in the workspace.

Have an alternative plan

Many times, in such situations one does not know when they would be needed back home. As much as you would want to, it is not possible. So, focus on creating an alternative plan. Discussing an alternative arrangement with your superior or asking your colleagues for little favours at work to ease out your workload would help.

Friends to the rescue
Friends to the rescue | Image: File Image
Get support from friends

When you’re a working professional, it’s impossible to be present at home for your loved one always. There are timelines and deadlines at work, which cannot be ignored. Juggling both can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. So, it’s best to approach friends who can fill in for you at home. This will help you focus on your work, while also not feeling guilty about staying away from your loved one.

Give yourself some space

During such expected life-changing events, you will obviously have a lot going through your mind. There may be no clarity in your thoughts. It helps if you ask a coworker to double-check important things at work. This would prevent you from making mistakes, which may cost you or your company a lot.

Inform the HR about it

Last but not the least, it’s extremely important to keep the human resources informed about your impending situation. While friends and coworkers and even your boss would be empathetic, the HR needs to know about it as well. They will certainly help you in every way they can. Besides, it’s only fair that the human resources department is kept informed as they are the ones who would accommodate your absence from work.     

Expecting the loss of a loved one calls for a lot of emotional and mental strength. Dealing with such a life situation while at work is not easy. While nothing can easily take away the pain of it, there are ways to make the work-life balance a lot easy in this scenario.

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