How To Find Gratitude During A Pandemic?

How To Find Gratitude During A Pandemic?

Living through these unusual and trying times, there may not be a better time to look at the brighter side.
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The idea of finding gratitude during a pandemic may seem like a far fetched idea. With an array of emotions competing in our heads as a response to the various ongoings, it’s difficult to expect your mind to focus on one thing. But, to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind, it’s better to combat the negative with a little positive, and that’s where gratitude comes in.

We bring you 5 ways in which you can find gratitude in the middle of a pandemic.

Write Down Your Joys
Write down your blessings
Write down your blessings | Image: File Image

It could be the tiny bird that greets you good morning from your window, or that cup of tea you enjoy on your balcony, or your family’s laughter that echoes the halls of your house. It doesn’t matter how small it is, the time to say thanks for the little things that bring joy to you is now more than ever.

Keep building a list of things and if you ever feel confused or overwhelmed, take some time to touch upon your moments of gratitude, ending with a small thanks for the good health and wellbeing of your family and loved ones.

Make Mealtimes Mindful

With our fast-paced lives and our faster-paced work culture, it can be hard to step aside and connect with reality. When was the last time you were mindful about the food placed in front of you? Or of the people sitting around you? The pandemic has brought an abundance of family time that not a lot of people were blessed with before.

It’s made us reconsider what truly matters and the time spent reconnecting with family and friends is what will help you get through these tough times. Make it a point to cherish the bounty on your table and the people you can enjoy such meals with.

Turn Thoughts into Actions

Instead of living in a state of constant confusion, take matters into your own hands by putting down your opinion and thoughts on paper, or on digital, or on social media, whatever platform you feel comfortable with. Share a thank you message for the healthcare front-liners determinedly fighting a virus that has left us all devastated.

By extending this branch of gratefulness, you not only express your emotions but also inspire others to do the same. If you’re uncomfortable doing this on social media, send personal thank you cards to friends or loved ones. We all could use a little appreciation at this time.

Tune In or Tune Out
Revive your bond with your family
Revive your bond with your family | Image: File Image

Since we began staying at home, the virtual world took over. There are all kinds of activities offered virtually now, something you can indulge in while at home. A lot of people also decided to resurrect old forgotten activities, like working out, remember that? How about baking? Tuning in to leisure activities can not only ease your mind but help you create a work-life balance that reduces stress and boredom.


There’s no doubt that this situation is an evolving and a tough one. We’re spiralling down a fluctuating path of feelings and the only thing keeping us going is the hope for a better tomorrow. But to not get stuck in a period of darkness, we need to accept that with the idea of a ‘new normal’, there will be certain expectations that we will have to let go of.

The choices you make aren’t the same as you made pre-quarantine. So, practice a little kindness towards yourself. Productivity looks different today but we’re doing everything we can and these are the only things we can control.

As we navigate this quarantine and pandemic, let’s be grateful that we’re fortunate enough to learn the lessons this situation has to teach us and be capable of creating a better tomorrow.

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