Meditation Courses To Find Your Inner Zen

These educational courses can heal your mind and body
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One of the best personal development tools in the world, meditation can teach you to disidentify with your mind and emotions. You don’t need to be of a certain age, gender or in a phase in life to practice meditation. If you have conscious awareness, you can learn the art of meditation.  

The benefits of meditation are vast with no side effects whatsoever. As little as five minutes a day can bring you much-needed respite and transform your perspective towards yourself and the world. Yet, people always manage to come up with various excuses as to why they can’t include meditation in their daily.  

  • I don’t have enough time   
  • I don’t know where to start  
  • It’s difficult to practice it every single day  
  • I need someone to guide me  

Nobody said it was easy right? The idea of sitting still for 5 minutes without thinking of anything sounds very difficult. It truly is. But good things always come to those who wait and better things come to those who persevere.  

If you try to meditate daily, you’ll notice the brain vomit that constantly flows in your mind. We expend our mental energy on mostly useless thoughts and opinions that cloud our brains. Chances are your mind is a mess of thoughts on a daily basis and you’re blissfully unaware of it. Meditation can train our minds to hone our thoughts and easily dissect which ones are useful and which aren’t. This happens because we separate our egos from our identities, our thoughts from our emotions, our feelings from our reality.  

But if the idea still intimidates you, India is enriched with many gurus and experts who have years of expertise and are willing to share it with you. Offering different techniques and types of meditation that can transform your life, our 6 in-house experts have created courses that work as the perfect avenue for you to heal your body and mind.  

Scroll below to find 6 meditation courses meant for those looking for some head-clearing and soul-searching.  

1. Meditation Basics   

About the expert:

Sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Tyagi Shurjo teaches techniques of meditation, Kriya Yoga, relaxation and mind-body control. He, along with his wife, Narayani love to travel across India, Italy and the US to share principles of meditation and living right.

About the course:

Offering a wonderful online course on meditation for busy people, Meditation Basics uses practical tools of visualization, meditation and affirmation to help you connect with your inner self.  

Some of the highlights of the course include learning how to relax your body and sit comfortably, building a daily routine of practicing Paramhansa Yogananda’s Hong-Sau technique of concentration, learning to still your restless mind, and understanding the breath and mind connection by emphasizing the power of a focused mind.   

You can take the course by downloading the app.  

2. Chakra Balance  

About the expert:

A sound healing and life mastery expert, Vidisha Kaushal teaches how to control your mind through powerful sound healing meditations. Her own experience with bell’s palsy many years ago compelled her to enter the world of healing.

About the course:

Through a journey of 9 meditations, the course will help you find a balance between your mind and body. Some of the positive results include increased vitality and overall wellbeing, raised vibration and a clear aura. Chakra healing can enhance your spiritual state.

You can take the course by downloading the app.

3. Awaken Your Inner Self

About the expert:

Behzad Randeria believes in the power of meditation and how it can help boost your confidence and productivity. She also agrees that daily meditations can bring a positive change in our daily personal and professional life.

About the course:

In this 5 meditations course, you will rediscover your strength and realign with your purpose. It will guide you to harness the power of gratitude, self-compassion, and self-awareness. Created by Behzad, this course is a journey towards identifying the areas of personal control and healing your relationship. Some of the highlights include releasing criticism, focusing on the good, learning the spheres of personal control, and finding your Ikigai.

You can access the course by downloading the app.

4. The Power of Visualisation

About the expert:

A motivational speaker, singer, actor, writer, and equity derivatives broker, Shivali Bhammer became the youngest devotional singer at the young age of 22. Since then, she has set herself to becoming the youngest female Indian motivational speaker and eloquently inspires people by instilling a sense of purpose in them.

About the course:

In her 7-meditations course, Shivali teaches you to declutter your mind and how to take charge of your thoughts and emotions. This guide will realign the thoughts running through your mind through the power of manifestation and visualisation.

You can access the course by downloading the app.

5. Self-Love

About the expert:

A specialist in therapeutic yoga and meditation, Trisha MS has been teaching yoga for over 16 years. Her stress release workshops feature ways to enhance personal and professional potential. She was also the face of the Times of India’s Yoga series and has released 4 Yoga albums.

About the course:

We all struggle with self-love, it’s completely natural. In her course of 10 meditations practiced over a span of 10 days, Trisha will teach you how to learn to love and accept yourself. This self-love meditation journey is designed to help you become aware of the things that attract your focus and to learn the art of letting go of things that no longer serve you. Some benefits include reducing tendencies of self-criticism, being more confident in your abilities and being kinder to yourself.

You can access the course by downloading the app.

6. Totality of Being

About the expert:

Co-founders of the Cocoon Academy, Rishaad and Benaisha have the collective goal of bringing reality-bending yoga and meditation to as many people as they possibly can. They want to make the dharma of modern wellness accessible to all.

About the course:

In their course of 7 meditations, they take you on a journey of understanding and fulling tapping into your potential. They will guide you to look towards Nature for solutions, by aligning yourself with it. The course will help you harness the power of natural elements and believe in the power of the universe to help you lead your best life.

You can access the course by downloading the app.

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