Do You Know Why Music Is An Integral Part of Most Meditations?

Do You Know Why Music Is An Integral Part of Most Meditations?

Combining music with meditation can deepen the positive effects of both, and bring you greater stress relief. Read on to know how.
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Chirping birds, gently crashing waves, soothing sound of raindrops, soft and calming instruments, these sounds are commonly used while practicing meditation. Music, in general, has proven to have innumerable benefits on our physical, mental, and emotional health. It helps us de-stress and lifts our mood.  

We all know that meditation has many benefits. Recently, music has been adopted as an unconventional way of meditation. Unconventional because it’s an unguided meditation form, where you let the music guide you into the present moment. Combining the two very powerful mindfulness tools – meditation and music – deepens your experience and brings about positive changes.  

Why must music be used for meditation? 

Using music for meditation helps you connect with the present moment, and it is also a simpler form of meditation. It is especially helpful for those who are new to the concept of meditation and are still adjusting to the basics.  

Another reason to adopt music meditation is that, as there is no one guiding you, it gives you the liberty to use your own imagination when you withdraw within yourself. This boosts creativity, helps you relax, and rejuvenates your senses.  

Music meditation is also proven to ease anxiety, sharpen the memory and mind, boost immunity, relieve pain, improve sleep, and uplift your mood.   

What type of music can you choose? 

The most important thing that you must remember while choosing the music for your meditation is to ensure that you enjoy listening to that music. Be it slow tempo classical, nature sounds, or mantras, whatever you choose, it’s important to feel connected to that music. Because then and only then will the music help you relax.

The music you choose should be preferable without lyrics as spoken words activate the part of your brain that you want to slow down. Mantras are an exception to this because the words and intonations in mantras are infused with high positive energy that helps you calm down.  

Here are different types of music or sounds that you can choose from.
Ambient sounds 

This is a form of instrumental music that is more focused on creating an experience of ease and calm rather than following the usual structure. The soft vibrations and the ringing tones through the composition make it ideal to help you withdraw from any kind of external situation.  

Nature melodies 

Nature is the best healer. Feeling calm and relaxed while listening to a gently flowing stream or the crickets is natural to all of us. Using these sounds that our brain automatically registers for relaxation and combining it with creatively choreographed music can stimulate an out-worldly experience.  

Sound healing melodies 

This genre of music meditation includes the various healing melodies from different parts of the globe. Be it entrancing Indian classical, Tibetan bowls, gongs, and even western classical. This particular genre is way more focused on offering the comfort zone to the user rather than the tone and tempo of the music. It offers you the liberty to choose the music according to your need at the moment.  

Indian Ragas 

A relaxing flute or a calming sitar can do wonders for your stress. This genre of music meditation is for those who enjoy being completely immersed in the rise and fall of tunes. This is particularly pleasurable for those who have a sense of musical instruments and don’t find them disturbing or distracting.  

Solfeggio frequencies 

Though it might sound modern, solfeggio frequencies date back centuries ago. They are basically a six-tone set of musical notes, handed down over generations by the ancient monks. When played in exact harmony the sacred notes are induced with specific blessings. This particular form of music is at times used in hypnosis and deep relaxation meditation techniques.  

Chants and mantras 

Chants and mantras are words strung together and each is assigned a different and specific intonation. Each syllable and intonation has a sound frequency that stimulates some or the other part of your being. When these words are chanted correctly and repeatedly, they form a bubble of life and learning around you. It makes you quite perceptive, focused, calm, and joyful.  

You can explore all these music meditations and choose the one that works for you on app.  

You can start with simple relaxing music, and then build on it as you practice longer.  

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