What Is Mindfulness Meditation? How Does It Affect You?

What Is Mindfulness Meditation? How Does It Affect You?

Mindfulness Meditation helps break the swirling of thoughts - past events, situations in life, or future’s uncertainty.
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Let us begin by giving you a scenario. You’re preparing lunch at home and thinking about an urgent work email. Then you jump to thinking about where to hang out with friends during the weekend, and then start thinking about what to cook for dinner. This constant train of thoughts keeps us from being in the present. We are either thinking about what happened, or what will happen. We’re so in rush to complete tasks that we lose out connection with the present moment. And amidst all this, we rummage through our days looking for peace. Does this happen to you? The solution to this is mindfulness meditation

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation? 

  • Improves emotional well-being 
  • Improves physical health 
  • Improves mental health 

It allows you to purposely focus your attention on the present. And just doing this can lead to stress reduction and overall happiness. Sounds easy, right? And believe us, it is. 


How Can You Start? 

There are two ways to go about it. 

Firstly, is by being mindful in every activity that you do. Be it brushing your teeth, eating, talking to people, exercising, and practically everything. 

  • Start with a breathing meditation – inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth – notice the sensation of relaxation. 
  • Proceed with the task at hand slowly and with full deliberation. Engage your senses. 
  • Notice each sight, touch, and sound. If your mind has wandered from the task at hand, gently bring your attention back. 

Secondly, you can set aside time for meditation. 

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position. Straighten – but don’t stiffen – your upper body. 
  • Drop your chin a little and let your gaze fall gently downward. Be there for a few moments. Feel your breath. 
  • Your attention will leave the breath and wander, it’s okay, gently return your attention to the breath. 
  • Don’t judge yourself, it’s okay if you cannot maintain your focus throughout. When you’re ready, gently lift your gaze (if your eyes are closed, open them.) And that’s it! 

That’s the practice. Doing it daily will reap benefits and the results will accrue. 

Where Can You Practice Mindfulness Meditation? 

It can be practiced at home, or you may join one of the many guided meditation programs available, that shall hand-hold you on this journey. Alternatively, below are a few places where you can practice this meditation

  • Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune 
  • Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, Kolkata 
  • The Art Of Living International Centre, Bengaluru 
  • Krishnamurti Foundation, Chennai 
  • Tushita Mahayana Meditation Centre, New Delhi 

It’s time to go from mind-full to mindful! 

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