Here’s A Simple Meditation For Beginners

Here’s A Simple Meditation For Beginners

Want to meditate but don’t know how? These beginners’ tips are everything you’ll need.
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COVID has made us realise the importance of mindfulness. We’re all eager to find moments of peace and solitude to fight off the mounting stress. If you are inclining towards meditation to find your calm, but don’t know where to start, then this guide will surely come in handy.

Allow meditation to positively affect your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing by following these steps!

How to meditate?

• Find a quiet corner in your house, with little to no disturbance.

• Sit down, either on the floor or on a chair. You can even lie down. Select a position most comfortable for you.

• Gently close your eyes. Do not squint, rest them softly.

• Keep your body loose. If you’re sitting up, keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. If you’re lying down, keep some gap between your hands and legs.

• Do not cross or fold your hands. You may keep them facing upwards.

• Breathe normally. Pay attention to your breath without controlling its pace or intensity.

• Notice how your shoulders, chest, and belly feel each time you inhale and exhale.

• Do this for 2-3 minutes initially, and then slowly increase.

What tools do you need to meditate?

• The use of tools while meditating is a personal choice.

• Soft meditation music can help you better relax.

• A mala bead can help you count your breaths.

• You may use a diffuser, scented candle, or incense sticks for aromatherapy.

• A meditation mat can also be used to sit or lie down.

What to think while meditating?

• Firstly, your thoughts will come and go while meditating. Don’t try to stop or control them.

• Let them come. They might be negative or positive, just notice them and let them go.

• They might make you uneasy in the beginning. But, as you practice meditation frequently, only powerful and positive thoughts will come to you.

For how long should you meditate?

• For starters, 1-5 minutes every day is ideal.

• Once you’re comfortable, you can gradually increase the duration.

• 20 minutes of meditation is scientifically proven to boost mental, emotional, and physical health.

Some things to keep in mind…

Make sure your clothing is loose-fitted and is not clenching to your body.

Always keep a gap of two hours between meditation and meals.

Do not keep changing your position while meditating.

You be afraid to start slow, you can meditate every alternate day if not every day. It’s not a race, take as much time you need to get used to the habit.

You might feel restless, or bored in the beginning, but don’t give up. The path to a stress-free life has a rocky beginning.

Take your first step in the world of meditation, let it transform you.

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