31 Little Steps That Will Help You Save The Planet

31 Little Steps That Will Help You Save The Planet

Show some love to the environment.
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Our home is not just the four walls we live in, it’s also the rivers, the tall mountains, the serene beaches, the deep blue oceans, the dreamy sky above, and the earth beneath. Our actions today, no matter how tiny they may be, have the power to impact them.

So, don’t hesitate to take that small step, and get started with the following tips!

1. Reduce your carbon footprint by turning off electronics; when not in use, switch it off. It saves the environment and your money.

2. Avoid wasting food by being mindful of the food you buy and cook. If you’ve some leftovers, try to make a fun recipe with it, instead of tossing it out.

3. Put all your peels and vegetable scrap into compost or in your plants. They’ll give your plants some essential nutrients instead of rotting in a landfill.

4. Save the water used in washing vegetables and use it to water your plants.

5. See what you can recycle or upcycle. With a little use of creativity, upcycling can let you create something totally new. Best out of waste as we call it.

6. Try to cut down plastic by carrying your own cloth bag while shopping. Also, carry with you your own bottle, instead of buying plastic water bottles.

7. The plastic containers you receive when you order-in food, make for a neat storage container. Simply wash them and re-fill them with supplies instead of throwing them.

8. Use eco-friendly cleaning products, they are hard on the germs but gentle on the environment, as they use more natural and organic methods of cleaning.

9. Walk it out if the place is nearby. Don’t be tempted to use a vehicle because you’re too lazy to walk. Burn your calories and save fuel. Win-win?

10. Consume locally grown food. One does not have to eat imported foods to stay healthy. The local foods are equally healthy, like coconut is a great swap to avocado.

11. Grow some herbs and vegetables in your own little garden. They are easy to grow, even in small spaces. Imagine how much money and carbon footprint you shall save.

12. Choose eco-friendly personal care products – toothbrushes, deodorants, cotton swabs, razors – new-age wellness companies provide so many sustainable options today.

13. Opt for cutlery-free delivery when you’re ordering in. Those spoons and forks are of single-use anyway, why not use your own instead?

14. Every drop counts – fix that leaky faucet, close your taps tightly, do not keep water running while brushing – it all adds up.

15. Opt for vegetarian food more often. You’ll save the world’s water use, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, chemical run-off, deforestation, and yes, animal life.

16. Go easy on paper. Use tissues and paper towels very stringently. Print documents as little as possible.

17. Build your own garden with some native plants. It’ll add a nice green patch to your space and purify the air in your house as well.

18. Try thrift. It’s a growing trend and for all the right reasons. The more you consume, the more they produce, opt for pre-loved fashion instead.

19. Give your worn-out clothes a makeover. Try tie-dye, patchwork, or cut and stitch them into something totally new.

20. Opt for e-bills and e-receipts wherever possible. Do not print the receipt at the ATM if not required.

21. Read online. Today, books, newspapers, magazines, and other publications are all available online.

22. Unplug at least once a day and take time to enjoy the nature and environment around you.

23. Use biodegradable trash bags if possible. Plastic bags are among the top things that pollute the planet.

24. Opt for organic and sustainable makeup and skin-care products. They are non-toxic for your skin and the environment.

25. Avoid buying stuff, just for the sake of it. Pause and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Shop for stuff when you’re sure that you need them and will be using for a long time.

26. Use loose leaf tea in a reusable strainer in place of teabags. They might be convenient to use but are bad for the environment, as they contain plastic.

27. Donate! A very under-rated yet effective way to stop waste. Clothes, utensils, electronics, or anything else, there are people who would use it.

28. Keep your vehicle in shape, it will emit fewer harmful gases and toxins into the air, and maximize fuel efficiency, and the overall life of the vehicle.

29. Take care of the environment while travelling. Do not litter, opt for public transit, choose direct flights.

30. Use clouds for storing data instead of external drives. They cannot be recycled. Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox are good storage and sharing services.

31. Opt for solar energy. It may be expensive at first, but over time you save a lot of money and it’s very environmentally-friendly.

These easy-to-follow tips will protect our dear planet, saving us the trouble of packing and moving to Mars!

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