How Long Should I Meditate For As A Beginner?  

How Long Should I Meditate For As A Beginner?  

Is a 10-minute meditation for beginners long enough? Or should you do at least 30 minutes? Let’s find out.
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Meditation can be a valuable practice for all humans, for those who’re battling stress, for those who’re suffering from burnout, and even for those who’re simply looking for some calm in their heads. But knowing how much time you should meditate every day can be tricky. Meditation for beginners should always be a slow process that advances gradually. This will help you avoid being discouraged or frustrated if you fail to see the results you desire.   

You need to consider that it will take you a while to master the art of meditation, so you need to begin with short sessions that you can add to as you grow better at meditating. With meditation being such a profound practice, it can feel tempting to practice for hours at a time when you first start. But rather than rushing yourself, you should practice consistently for short periods, this way you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed instead of being drained or exhausted.  

How Long Should You Meditate to See Results?  

A 2018 study by Behavioural Brain Research showed that meditating for 13 minutes a day for 8 weeks can result in decreased negative mood, enhanced attention, working memory, recognition memory, and decreased state anxiety. The study also found that participants who meditated for eight weeks had more significant results than those who meditated for four weeks.  


On average, you should aim for at least 10 minutes a day at a minimum. However, your personal capacity may vary with others, so it’s important to test out longer meditation periods if 10 minutes are not making a difference for you.  

How Long Should Meditation for Beginners Last For? 

A beginner should start their meditation practice with at least five minutes a day. As a novice, you may require some time to get used to the routine and five minutes is a short commitment to make. This will help you reduce stress levels while not putting too much pressure on yourself. Five minutes a day will also allow you to understand what time suits you best for meditation. Meditation for beginners can be a daunting process, so if five minutes a day still feels too long, try starting with less time and adding a minute every week until you reach your desired time.  

How Many Times a Day Should You Meditate?  

Meditation for beginners should be at least once a day. If you practice with consistency, once a day should be more than enough for you. Regular meditators advance up to twice a day as well; short sessions in the morning as well as the evening. If that’s something that you think will work for you, give it a try.  

Try this guided meditation for starters.

Practicing mindfulness once a day can help manage overthinking and keep stress and anxiety at bay. It’s important to give different types of meditation a try before finding one that works for you best. You can also download the app to help you get into a mindfulness practice that suits your needs. 

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