5 Common Meditation Excuses And Their Solutions

5 Common Meditation Excuses And Their Solutions

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If I were to ask you, where do you place your wellbeing in your to-do list? If my assumption is right, it is definitely not in the top 5. Most of us have a tendency to procrastinate or make excuses for ourselves. And, meditation is one such aspect we tend to ignore the most. Despite, having the theoretical know-how of the benefits of meditation, only a selective few practice it. Here, we give you practical solutions for your ready excuses for not meditating.

Lack of time

This is the most common excuse in the book. But the fact is, just 5 minutes of meditation every day can do wonders. It greatly helps to reduce stress and increase focus. In order to be able to take out time, start allotting a particular time of the day for meditation. Sit comfortably in a quiet space, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Keep on practicing this while your focus on your breathing. 

Fear of being alone with your thoughts

Positive thoughts have the power to change your life | Image: File Image

Meditation can help you break free from the very thoughts you are avoiding. Unhealthy thoughts keep us stuck to the past. Meditation brings about mindfulness which makes us realise how our obsessive thoughts lead to grief, loneliness, and insecurity. Meditating and harbouring good healthy thoughts can keep our lives balanced and dignified.

Am I meditating the right way?

Let us realise one thing first. There is no one ‘right way’ to do meditation. The point is not to focus on one particular thing for a certain period of time. The point is to let your mind free. Meditation cannot be forced. Simply focus on your breathing or anything which would help you to relax.


Lack of faith stirs a storm within oneself and causes restlessness. Let go of any expectations. They act as mere distractions. Feelings such as annoyance and boredom act as distractors. Push these thoughts away and try to be as neutral and objective as possible.

Lack the discipline

Some people start things and then let it go after a couple of sessions. Meditation is a lifestyle change, that needs to be incorporated in your daily life, for the rest of your life. It should be part of your routine, like brushing your teeth. No matter how short on time you may be, always take out time for meditation. Make it a priority in your list of to-do things.

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