5 Ways You Can Cultivate A Daily Meditation Routine  

5 Ways You Can Cultivate A Daily Meditation Routine  

It’s important to meditate daily when you’re cultivating a mindful habit.
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Over the last decade or so, meditation has seen a surge in popularity, in India and abroad as well. Even though the practice is seen as a trend, the evidence proves that meditation is a wonderful mindfulness technique that alleviates stress and tension. However, most people don’t recognise that the positive effects aren’t seen immediately. Starting a daily meditation routine can be overwhelming and difficult, but once you start noticing some benefits, it’s easier to cultivate the habit.  

If you’re still doubtful about whether meditation is for you or not, we’ve listed:

5 Simple Ways You Can Make Meditating a Part of Your Daily Routine  

1. Start small  

There’s no need to jump right in. Daily meditation is a great goal but if you’re a novice or something who struggles with routine, starting small can do you just as much good. At the beginning of your meditation journey, you may not feel as mindful or calm as you expect and that’s okay. Just make it a goal to meditate for 5 minutes a day and simply sit with your thoughts. Observe them without judgment and eventually, you’ll be able to sit through a longer meditation feeling calm and Zen.  

2. Pick the right kind of meditation  


While there is an array of meditation types that you can choose from, knowing which one is right for you can be difficult. Beginners should consider Mindfulness Meditation where the focus is on breathwork or Mantra Meditation where repeating a mantra allows you to create a focal point for yourself. Quick and easy meditations for beginners can make it easy for you to begin.  

If you’re not so sure about beginning a meditation practice, start with Guided Meditations where you can learn and be guided by a teacher. Once you’re comfortable with the flow, you can get into it on your own.  

3. Try an app like ThinkRight.me  

A quality guided meditation app can serve as a great introduction to meditation. ThinkRight.me offers a variety of types of meditations that you can choose from, tailored toward specific matters like stress release, personal growth, self-healing, cultivating focus, and much more. You can also set a reminder for yourself to meditate daily and pen down your thoughts post-meditation in our Emotional Journal.  

4. Keep at it  

It takes time to form a new habit. So, don’t worry if you’re struggling to focus. Ask yourself why. Are you uncomfortable? Bored? Tired? Feeling restless? Refrain from judging yourself for these emotions and make changes instead. These emotions are telling you something, listen to them and find a solution to alleviate them instead of pushing them down. Regular meditation can help you do this.  

5. Focus on your breath  

Breathwork can help you centre your mind and body both. While it is not needed in all forms of meditation, learning to control your breath can help you overcome stress, anxiety, and tension. Breathwork can also help you control a lot of health issues like spiked blood pressure, feelings of PTSD and trauma, insomnia, alkalizing your blood pH, reducing inflammation and elevating your mood.  

There’s no right or wrong way to mediate. You’ll find success when you practice in a way that works for you best, so don’t shy away from trying new techniques and practices.  

If you’re still unsure of where to begin, start your day on a calming note with Morning Zen on ThinkRight.me.  

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