How Can Freshers Get Accustomed To The New Office Culture?

How Can Freshers Get Accustomed To The New Office Culture?

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There is a major and sudden shift that freshers face as they step into the working world. New place, new people, new environment, and no clue how to go about. While it is easy for some to adapt to this new culture, many have a hard time opening up and making friends. They might love their job, but the mere thought of going to the office might send chills down their spine. If you too feel deserted at your workplace and are wondering how to integrate yourself, these tips will surely be of help.

  • Don’t go into hiding. Take the first step, try to initiate a conversation with your co-worker. It can be as simple as saying, “Hello, good morning”.
  • Attend your office events or outings. Spending time with your colleagues outside your workspace will help you know them better.
  • Avoid seating at your desk and eating during lunchtime. Go to the common eating area with your colleagues. Sharing food is a great way to bond.
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  • Be polite, humility is a great way to establish a connection with a new person.
  • Making friends might seem like a task at first but remember your first day at college. Wasn’t that too a similar situation? But today, you can say that college has given you the best of friends. Your workplace is no different.

A workplace can become a happy place when you have the right people to work with. And co-workers can turn into lifelong friends. Don’t hesitate to initiate.

But, if you fail to make good friends even after repeated attempts, don’t take it to your heart. It doesn’t mean that you lack something. Remember, you don’t have to change yourself, for others to like you. You be you, and the right ones will come along.

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