How Having A To-Do List Shoots Up Your Productivity?

How Having A To-Do List Shoots Up Your Productivity?

Struggling to finish your tasks on time? A to-do list will help you there.
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Our fast-paced lives have made multitasking a necessity, be it at home or at work. We want to do our best and thus end up juggling too many balls at a time. Just like two sides of a coin, multitasking has it perks and cons, one of which is decreased productivity. This is where a to-do list comes in handy. So, you know what’s on priority and what can be done later. It just makes life simpler and keeps you stress-free while improving productivity. To add to this, below are some added benefits of a to-do list that will make you want to make one.

Organise well
You do it, you check it
You do it, you check it | Image: File Image

If you wake up everyday with a lot of tasks at hand, but no clue where to start from, a to-do list will help. You can plan things the night before and know what needs your attention first and what can be dealt with later. It also helps you keep a track of what you have done, and what is left, and thus let’s you manage your time better.

You can hold yourself accountable

When something makes its place on your to-do list, you know it has to be done. There is no hiding behind your ‘poor memory’ or excuses of more important things to do, since you are the one making that list. While doing this, make sure that whatever you put on your list should be realistic. Don’t go overboard but don’t underplay as well. Go easy. That way it will help you deliver on the tasks consistently and make you feel better.

Never forget stuff
A To-Do list
A To-Do list will save you from the terror of forgetting things | Image: File Image

The older and busier we get, the more we tend to forget things. Don’t let your memory get in the way of you being productive. Write things down, don’t say, “I’ll remember it.” You won’t. A to-do list makes sure to track and remind you of things you usually don’t. Things like picking something up from the grocery store or making an important call. Things that seem small but do have the tendency to slip your mind.

Lowers your stress

You are back home after a long, busy day, laying on your bed, and suddenly realizing that you forgot a crucial task to do. Is there anything worse? You can easily avoid this nightmare. It’s actually more than remembering to do stuff, but also the boost to mental health that comes with remembering things. It saves you from that immediate stress and allows you to sleep better.

Ensuring your downtime

A to-do list does not only mean working all the time. It helps you divide your time, plan tasks and work accordingly, and increase your efficiency. Which means that you will actually have more time to yourself and enjoy your well-deserved down time. Everyone needs moments of the day to relax. If you constantly worry about what needs to be done, then you’ll never be able to relax. Use this time to do whatever brings you peace and makes you happy.

Spend more time enjoying life than stressing about it. Remember that’s what’s all for.

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