How To Deal With Resentment At The Workplace

How To Deal With Resentment At The Workplace

Workplace resentment is a reality, no matter how much we would like to be on good terms with everyone. But there are ways to deal with it.
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So, what is resentment? It’s an ill-feeling towards somebody that persists endlessly. You could face resentment from anyone; and it does impact efficiency, where you are unable to give your optimum output. Especially, if it’s someone higher-up at the workplace. However, there are ways to deal with this ill-feeling.

smile and greeting always works
A smile and greeting always works | Image: File Image
Greet the person

You may be facing some kind of ill-well for whatever reasons from your manager or higher-up or even your colleague but that does not mean that you should stop speaking or interacting with the person. Do greet them, have some casual conversation with them, talk to them about their interests, have small-talk if possible and try to reach a comfortable space.

Get and stay involved

The person may not really like you for reasons best known to them but do be proactive and get involved with the goings-on. Do not simply restrict yourself to your work and concentrate on getting it done. Otherwise, from being disliked you will go to being unnoticed. So, do become active offering suggestions during meetings and discussions.

Avoid discussions with a co-worker
Avoid discussions with a co-worker | Image: File Image
Stay away from ill-talk

Sure you’re facing resentment for no reason at all. However, that’s no reason for you to badmouth them. It may seem like you are sharing your feelings with a co-worker, but you can’t be sure of that person either; and, you never know when the tale goes around putting you in a spot eventually. Instead, if you must share, do so with someone who is completely on the outside; a friend for instance, who is also your emotional anchor.

Have a dialogue

You may think you’re doing your best, but your higher-up or colleague may continue the resentful behaviour towards you. One of the ways is to request a meeting with them and speak to them clearly about what duties you can take or is there a different approach you can undertake towards your assignments. Chances are, they may have misunderstood you unintentionally and discussing about work can ease out a lot of things.

Be thankful always helps
Be thankful always helps | Image: Fie Image
Be grateful

Finally, have an attitude of gratitude for everything, even this resentful experience would help. Be thankful for the project you are assigned to, do your best, always be cheerful and try not to complain. Being thankful for what you have often aids in reducing the feeling of uncertainty you may harbour towards the person who resents you.

Resentment at the workplace is quite common and most of us have faced it at least once. But how we handle it makes all the difference to our emotional well-being and our work itself.

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