Quick & Easy Meditations For Beginners

Quick & Easy Meditations For Beginners

These small doses of quick and easy meditations will calm and heal your mind and body.
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One of the best personal development tools in the world, meditation can teach you to disidentify your mind and emotions. You don’t need to be of a certain age, gender, or in a phase in life to practice meditation. If you have conscious awareness, you can learn the art of meditation with quick & easy techniques.   

The benefits of meditation are vast with no side effects whatsoever. As little as five minutes a day can bring you much-needed respite and transform your perspective towards yourself and the world. Yet, people always manage to come up with various excuses as to why they can’t include meditation in their daily life.   

  • I don’t have enough time    
  • I don’t know where to start   
  • It’s difficult to practice it every single day   
  • I need someone to guide me   

Nobody said it was easy right? The idea of sitting still for 5 minutes without thinking of anything sounds very difficult. It truly is. But good things always come to those who wait and better things come to those who persevere.   

If you try to meditate daily, you’ll notice the brain vomit that constantly flows in your mind. We expend our mental energy on mostly useless thoughts and opinions that cloud our brains. Chances are your mind is a mess of thoughts on a daily basis and you’re blissfully unaware of it. Meditation can train our minds to hone our thoughts and easily dissect which ones are useful and which aren’t. This happens because we separate our egos from our identities, our thoughts from our emotions, and our feelings from our reality.    

Scroll below to find quick & easy meditations meant for beginners and advanced meditators alike, especially those looking for some head-clearing and soul-searching.    

For Stress Relief  

Overthinking by Sanket Pai  

While analyzing every aspect of a situation, making the best possible decision sounds like a good idea but it can be quite distressing for most people. Deal with constant overthinking by being aware of your thoughts and letting them pass through your mind without feeling the need to stress over them, control them or push them away. This meditation by Sanket Pai will teach you how to navigate through your flood of emotions without engaging with them. Practice this meditation regularly to overcome overthinking.  

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Release Stress by BK Shivani  

Many day-to-day situations can trigger stress. A traffic jam, network issues while working, or a disagreement with someone, anything can cause stress which impacts us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Follow this meditation by BK Shivani to calm yourself from within and release stress.  

Reduce Anxiety by BK Shivani  

Multiple thoughts cross our minds, sometimes they are fleeting but sometimes they become a part of your thinking process, often leading to anxiety. Follow this quick guided meditation by BK Shivani to break out of that pattern of anxiety-inducing thoughts.  

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Diffusing Anger by BK Shivani  

Anger is a complex emotion and many people struggle to control their temper. It’s only when we engage with anger, identify with it, feel it, hold on to it, and become consumed by it, that things get problematic. This meditation will help you to overcome and transform anger before it spirals out of control or becomes destructive. Make sure you are seated in a comfortable position before you start this quick and easy meditation.  

For Self-Healing  

You are Worthy by Sanket Pai  

This guided meditation by Sanket Pai is designed to help you develop unconditional self-worth. While the world pushes us to adopt several different roles, we lose our true selves in the process. The weight of unrealistic expectations and perfectionism often interferes with our feeling of self-worth. Life is a long journey that can bring you down. In this quick and easy meditation, use the power of affirmations to regain your self-worth and confidence.  

Remove Confusion by BK Shivani  

Confusing, half-formed thoughts are like ripples in the water that give you a distorted reflection of yourself and everything around you. But once the ripples settle down, everything becomes crystal clear. This powerful, quick, and easy meditation will help you to settle down your thoughts and feelings to remove confusion.  

Let Go of Fear by BK Shivani  

We all struggle with fears and insecurities. Some we can explain while others might be unexplainable. But when fear grips us, it holds us back from achieving a lot of things in life. Want to overcome this fear? Follow this quick and easy meditation to identify the fear around you and in you, so you can separate from it and let it go.  

If you’re in need of quick relief, try this guided meditation to let go of fear.

Overcoming Sadness by BK Shivani  

Sadness is a feeling that can weigh you down and can be demotivating, isolating, and sometimes even frightening. Thoughts often get the better of you and start to take you down. This quick and easy meditation will help you release negative emotions and overcome sadness.  

Personal Growth  

Fear in Change by Sanket Pai  

Face your fear of change. Though wanting to exist in a world where everything maintains a status quo is very normal, the truth is that life is constantly changing. Trying to keep things consistent is never really in your hands. Through this quick and easy guided meditation, Sanket Pai looks to rewire your fear of change and shift your consciousness so you can grow and transform during the process.  

Everyday Minimalism at Work by Sanket Pai  

This one-of-a-kind quick and easy guided meditation with Sanket Pai is designed to help introduce you to minimalism at work. Saying yes to everything that comes our way and overscheduling our calendars may feel validating at first but over time it can get too much. Doing anything in excess has consequences and can cause you to lose interest in what you should actually be doing. With the help of this meditation, you will be introduced to the concept of a renewed and reduced way of living and working.  

Feeling Overwhelmed by Vidisha Kaushal  

Feeling overwhelmed and out of control? Do not worry. We all feel that way sometimes but it does not define who we are. Take a quick break and try to understand your thoughts and the cause of this feeling. Follow this quick and easy meditation to help you realign your thoughts to focus on the positives and get clear direction.  

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Balanced Life by Vidisha Kaushal  

Work-life balance is more than just a phrase we use. It impacts our well-being, personal safety, health, and family life. Reasons to maintain work-life balance include; firstly, work-related tension can impact our personal and social life. Secondly, we also need greater control in all aspects of our lives. And lastly, stress alone can be detrimental to our health. This quick and easy meditation will help you to take things professionally, not personally. It will also guide you to focus on the job at hand and finish work on time.  


Releasing Anger by Sanket Pai  

Release and return to a more peaceful state of mind with this quick and easy meditation by Sanket Pai. While anger and frustration are usually our go-to responses when things don’t go our way, maintaining your composure in such a situation will make you feel more at peace. Holding onto inner anger will hamper your growth. Practicing this meditation regularly will help you release your stress and find a better way to address difficult situations.  

Start with these quick meditations and then we recommend exploring deeper techniques with different teachers or mediums to find the voice, tone, and style that fits your personal needs best.  

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